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Tri-Slot Peep with Verifier?
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Norseman 04-May-20
x-man 04-May-20
darralld 04-May-20
Matt 04-May-20
Norseman 04-May-20
Russ Koon 05-May-20
bigdog21 05-May-20
From: Norseman
My young eagle eyes are not what they use to be. I need some help. To give a little background of myself and what I shoot. First of all, I am a middle aged stubborn swede, who is hard to convince or persuade. So please take that into account. I also love puppies, so I'm not all that cantankerous.

I have shot fingers with no peep most of my hunting life. But now with my failing close up (reading) vision, my pins are really blurry, and my string through my sightline is a 1/2-inch blur. I still have decent far vision so I could get by without prescription glasses even though I have started wearing weak PD progressive glasses (with built in cheaters).

I am thinking of installing a tri-slot peep. I don't think a dual slot peep will work due to finger shooting string twist and from what I hear a dual slot peep is just too fussy to deal with. And there is no way in hell I am putting a surgical tube peep aligner on my bow.

I've been looking for a tri-slot peep with the ability to install replaceable/adjustable verifiers, but cannot find any online. Do they make them for tri-slot peeps? I'm sure there are plenty of others on the BS that are going through the same "growing" pains. Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance.

From: x-man
I am not aware of a tri-slot peep that will accept lens.

I know you don't want to hear this but, maybe it's time for a release.

From: darralld
The peep sight will help for sure. But yeah it's going to be hard to do it shooting fingers.

From: Matt
Run tubing on a 2 track peep. Yeah, tubing sucks, but I dont think you have a lot of options.

From: Norseman
I suppose I could dig and find my old Tru Ball speed nok? I messed around with one of those 15 years ago

From: Russ Koon
I was also a die-hard finger shooter until about four years ago, when the tendons in my string hand began aching after practice sessions, and I could feel the end coming for my finger shooting and decided it was time to switch. The good news is that doing so also solved the problems of peeps rotating out of position and requiring occasional replacement or an added twist to the string to try to maintain the position. Tubes suck.

D-loops solve the peep problem and also provide the best most consistent release for the best accuracy. I struggled with punching and target panic for about a year while getting used to the switch, but it's finally becoming natural to me and my accuracy is coming back again.

I always preferred seeing my pins in sharp focus even though it makes the game or the target slightly fuzzy. I know, lots of guys and the prevailing conventional wisdom say to keep your vision adjusted for maximum sharpness downrange, but I've tried it both ways and it DEFINITELY works better for me for hunting and target to see the pin sharply, and it also helps a bunch when those pins begin to disappear completely in the low light of early and late day hunting. Having the pins in sharp focus helps more than lighted pins, IMO.

I like to hunt with my contact lenses in, and use a weaker correction in my right eye to shorten my focal length to about three feet, which keeps the pin in sharp focus, while I have my left eye corrected for almost full distance vision sharpness. I close my left when I'm starting to finally aim. Best of both worlds that way, spot them with both eyes open and the brain using the best image available to it, and seeing a clearly defined pin to place with precision on the just slightly out of focus game for the shot.

Those western bulls won't get very fuzzy at bow range. Nice bunch of them on your profile page, congratulations! And good luck finding the solution that fits you best for the adjustment you need as the years require. It's kind of a personal choice thing, the best solution for me might not be the best for you, good idea to look over all the options and try the ones that seem most promising.

From: bigdog21
ever try bare bow ? with practice you may amaze yourself

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