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Colorado Sheep Hunting Unit S06 & S46
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Hello Everyone, I was lucky enough to draw an archery sheep tag for colorado in units S06 & S46. This is a rut hunt in November 10-30. I am excited to say the least. This will be my first sheep hunt. I am an avid lifelong bowhunter and get out in the woods quite a few days each season, mostly chasing elk and mule deer. I have done one other high mountain hunt for a colorado mountain goat around 10 years ago. So I am very familiar with DIY backcountry hunting and what goes along with that. I know I need to get in 'sheep shape' and be ready to grind. With all of that said........

I would love for any and all suggestions on information of the mentioned units for sheep hunting, sheep behavior, movement, good vantage points, best ways to bowhunt sheep, best camping in area, first hand knowledge of the area, good books to read that would apply to this type of hunt and whatever else you can think of that would be helpful! I greatly appreciate all the help and any guidance on the unit! I live around 3+hrs a way, so not close but not far either.

Fire away guys, I look forward to getting to know more of the folks here.

Thanks much, Onlythebow

Good luck, I'm a little envious.



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I drew that tag a few years ago! Would love to hunt it again.

Read this link, the sheep part is at the end, so sorry to bore you with a year of hunting :)

From: Ramhunter
Get in touch with Brian Dreher at the CPW. He knows the Pikes Peak sheep as well as anyone; he would be an excellent source.

From: Jims
I drew a 2nd season rifle tag there years ago. I would wait until after the car race to start scouting in the summer. Take full advantage of your tag and spend quality time scouting! I've always enjoyed scouting as much as the actual hunt. It would be exciting hunting them in rut. You can likely get a pass to camp on the road. Be prepared for the worse weather conditions on top. The wind HOWLS on Pikes! Get your lungs and legs in sheep shape!

I don’t understand people who post on here for help, then never check back on their post? Makes me less likely to help, they don’t seem dedicated.....

Hello, Thanks for all the posts so far, and also the PM's. Starting my immersion in the information, lots to start to piece together as I am not that familiar with the unit. Wildwilderness, great post and story, i have to read it a bit more closely and hope we can chat as well on the unit, and your experiences and recommendations. You guys had quite a season that year. Sorry to not respond but I have been busy with my work season and a family death yesterday, so not always ideal timing to respond but we all do the best we can and family priorities always prevail. I will be dedicating my entire summer and fall in between family and other obligations to make my hunt come together. As always, I appreciate all the insight everyone is willing to pass on.

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