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VXR 31.5
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semomike 06-May-20
Teeton 07-May-20
weekender21 07-May-20
From: semomike
Guys, I’m kinda getting the bug. I’m currently shooting a 5-6 year old Bear Arena 34. Made the mistake of shooting a VXR 31.5 at the bow shop today. I’m getting ready for a archery elk hunt this fall. Shooting a lot out to 60 yards with decent results, but thinking I might pull the trigger on a new bow. What kind of speed can I expect out of a VXR at 75lbs, 465 grain arrow, 28” draw length? My Arena is at 256 at 71lbs. Would I push 285-290fps like my bows shop said.? As far as feel in the hand there was no comparison between the Arena and VXR.. I could swap over the sights, stabilizer etc... I’m trying to justify this potential purchase in my head.

From: Teeton
I thinking 265 even at 29-75 I dont thing it would push passed 270. Saw if I remember correctly a 29-70 with a 420 arrow hitting high 290's Ed

From: weekender21
Yes, you'll be pushing 285+ with that setup.

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