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Bows of any value?
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KsRancher 09-May-20
Grey Ghost 09-May-20
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Phil Magistro 09-May-20
Bou'bound 09-May-20
JohnMC 09-May-20
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LBshooter 10-May-20
bud 10-May-20
GF 10-May-20
Fuzzy 11-May-20
From: KsRancher

KsRancher's embedded Photo
KsRancher's embedded Photo
Found these 2 fiberglass bows in a box cleaning out my grandma's house. Box says Ben Pearson Archery set, from Pine Bluff, Ar. Are they of any value? Or should I just toss them?

From: Grey Ghost
Looks like the Jet Bow is going for $25-$30 on eBay. Not sure about the other one.

They might make a fun bow fishing setup.


From: jjs
Move it over to the Leatherwall and you will probably find the answers you looking for or a buyer.

Depends on the draw weight. There is a group of folks that will buy them. Draw weights between 45 -50# bring $50-$65 on eBay. Lower draw weight are only about $20 or so.

If you don't want them you could donate them to your state bowhunting organization or the Boy Scouts.

From: Bou'bound
Are the Boy Scouts still in business?

From: JohnMC
Bou yes but it now no longer exclusive to boys. A great organization that let being politically correct screw it up. And I am a eagle scout.

From: elknailer
you want to get rid of them I'll pay shipping. pm me

From: BigStriper
That Orange Ben Pearson Bow is just like the First bow I ever had.


From: LBshooter
Do toss them if they are low poundage like 20/30 find a couple of kids to give them to, if they 45 and higher I'll take them.

From: bud

bud's embedded Photo
bud's embedded Photo
I wouldn't throw them away. My granddaughter with her Ben Pearson Junior Jet and turkey feather in her hair. You might be surprised what those,old bows could inspire. She killed two bears in the yard before I could get,her reeled in.

From: GF
DO NOT pitch them!

You’ll have ZERO problems finding homes for them. You just can’t kill those.

From: Fuzzy
I like helping out fellow archers, send them to me and I'll dispose og them for you. I'll even re imburse shipping. LOL

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