How long after spraying Round Up?
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Can anybody tell me how long I should wait to plant clover and chicory after spraying Round Up?

I just sprayed some generic round up and surfactant on Sunday.


From: GBTG

From: KsRancher
Glyphosate is a contact killer. You can plant and then spray if you want. You can plant anytime now also.

Thank you very much!

From: t-roy
KsRancher nailed it.

From: blue spot
Everything above is true

But you may want to keep in mind the plants you are trying to kill will die better if you let them take in and process the chemical with no disruption for a day or three, especially bigger tougher plants with large established root systems. Glyphosate will translocate through the leaf or anything else green and work it's way to the roots. Basically it starves a plant by tricking it into thinking it is making and saving energy when in fact it does not. If you are dealing with a large well established perennial it may be able to out last a modest dose of glyphosate during the early part of the summer when it is at peak photosynthesis. To ensure good chemical absorption by the plant make sure you have plenty of surface area of leaves (high root to leaf ratio) and then make sure the plant can just process and translocate the chemical for a few days to a week before you mow or plow, etc., etc.

From: RIT
Clover is better fall planted with a cover than now. You won’t be fighting weeds in the fall.

You don’t mention how you are planting the clover and chicory but if you aren’t tilling or discing more weed seeds are going to germinate. Plus you may not get a great kill with one spray. Either way the odds are already stacked against your clover. While adding chicory severely limits what you can spray. I have never had a bad clover plot when fall planted. I have had several failures in the Spring.

My plots have already been disked, I dragged a harrow, limed and fertilized. All cultivating was done and they were ready to plant. The plots were pretty free of any vegetation but I sprayed them anyway to kill the weeds that were sprouting.

I know it's probably better to plant clover in the fall but I've had pretty good luck planting in the spring and I didn't want to let the plots sit all spring and summer.

I don't mix the clover and chicory, I plant in separate plots. I've had pretty good luck that way.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. I planted my clover and chicory today.

From: Bow Crazy
I always plant mine in the spring, had great luck. Last year I planted a mix of clovers, alfalfa and chicory, it worked great. I mowed it only twice, around memorial day and labor day. By bow season is looked awesome, and was doing great. It wintered very well, I hit it last week with some clethodim for grass. This was my first time planting chicory and was surprised by it's preference by deer. BC

Yeah I have a good size plot that is half clover and half chicory. It draws a lot of deer and I've also watched them gorge on chicory first and then move over to the clover and browse on that. The clover was starting it's fourth year this spring and was about done so I disked it under and gonna try some forage soybeans in that plot this year.

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