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America’s Most Ineffective Deer Mngmnt
Whitetail Deer
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From: Ace

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Just in case you thought that NYC was rewriting the book on how to Manage Deer Herds:

‘Incredible Waste of Money:’ America’s Most Ineffective Deer Management Program

New York City gave 1,719 whitetail bucks on Staten Island the “big snip” the past four autumns as part of an 8-year, deer vasectomy experiment. The program hopes to reduce the herd population, Lyme disease, browse damage, and deer-vehicle collisions. It has cost the city $6.6 million so far.

As of early March—before coronavirus devastated NYC—City Hall remained committed to the vasectomy program, which began in 2016 as a 3-year, $3.3 million project. Wildlife experts opposed it publicly as early as 2015, warning that taxpayer money can’t buy alternative biology and happily-ever-after results.

The experts cited previous contraceptive experiments that targeted female deer, and generally failed to reduce herds and their problems. Vasectomies were previously tried in mostly futile, prohibitively expensive research to control free-ranging coyotes and feral cats, but might help reduce wild horse numbers.

As Cornell University ecologists predicted in 2015, original herd size estimates on Staten Island proved too low. Therefore, the program’s costs climbed to $4.1 million by the third year as contractors tranquilized, sterilized, and ear-tagged more bucks than planned. At $4.1 million, the mass vasectomies have cost $2,385 per buck. Even so, the city’s parks department extended the program in September 2019 for five years by agreeing to an additional $2.5 million for the contractor, White Buffalo, a nonprofit from Connecticut.

White Buffalo’s biologists and staffers shoot bucks with tranquilizer darts and perform the vasectomies. Dr. Anthony DeNicola, White Buffalo’s founder, estimated in March that his group has so far treated 95% of Staten Island’s bucks, but other experts still doubt the program can succeed.

Endless Costs Prof. Paul Curtis at Cornell opposed the vasectomy plan before its launch, telling the Staten Island Advance newspaper in May 2016, “This plan has a very low likelihood of success.”

His doubts remain. “When they started, they thought they had about 1,000 does on Staten Island, and estimated they’d have to do vasectomies on 500 to 600 bucks,” Curtis told MeatEater in March. “They’ve already done more vasectomies [1,719] than the herd’s original population. That’s the problem with ‘open’ deer herds. You’ll never stop deer from immigrating or moving around. Controlling their numbers is like mowing your lawn. You can never quit once you start. You’ll always need annual maintenance budgets.”

Staten Island covers 60 square miles, and includes roughly half of NYC’s public parks. Those city, state, and federal parklands cover about 15 square miles. Staten Island has 475,000 residents, three times fewer than Manhattan, making it the least populated of NYC’s five boroughs. It’s also home to overabundant wild turkeys and feral cats.

Deer weren’t a problem until the past decade. Whitetails disappeared on Staten Island in the late 1800s and didn’t return until the mid-1990s. Biologists think they started their comeback by swimming narrower sections of Raritan Bay from New Jersey—roughly a 2-mile paddle—to find better, less-crowded habitat.

Aerial surveys estimated Staten Island held about 25 deer in 2008 and 800 in 2014. After White Buffalo performed vasectomies on 642 adult bucks and 78 buck fawns in late 2016, DeNicola used trail camera data from the borough’s parks to estimate the island’s herd at 2,050. Most Staten Island deer are likely born there, but biologists assume dispersing deer will always swim ashore each year as well.

Deer Politics Annual swimmer numbers aren’t known, but they further complicate the controversial vasectomy program. James Oddo, Staten Island’s borough president, and Rep. Max Rose, Staten Island’s congressman, favor controlled hunts over vasectomies.

That pits them against Mayor Bill de Blasio, who backs the program even though it lacks an endgame. De Blasio dismissed Rose’s criticisms in January, telling the New York Post the vasectomy program is working: “It is the right way to go to get the job done, and you know the last thing we want to do is risk human life with the wrong kind of approach.”

(The rest of the article is at the link)

Stupid is as Stupid does, And that is very stupid! There is no accountability or evidence based results to that program. But keep the money flowing due to politics.

From: JohnMC
I am so thankful I do not live there. Something is wrong with a place that would elect de Blasio, AOC, Schumer, and Cuomo. But then again I live in CO that has elected our gay governor that is almost as bad. Hope he does not read the article and get any ideas.

From: South Farm
"Bill de Blasio backs the program"

You don't say? And they "only" spent 4.1 million on it, too. Amazing..

Can I ask who ties the mayor's shoes for him in the morning?

From: Buffalo1
"You can't fix stupid !"

From: HH
Sounds about right for those folks. Make you think when they say "the city is full" the male residents may be victim to the same fate.


From: Fuzzy
a male whitetail deer can breed 15 times a day through the rut. If there are 30 does and 30 bucks per square mile and one 1.5 year old buck doesn't get neutered, there will be no significant reduction in fertilization. The next season there will be also no reduction and the following year the buck fawns from the previous year will start breeding. A futile effort. OTOH removing 10 of the 30 sexually mature does each year will stabilize the population and 15 per year will accomplish a gradual herd reduction (these are simplified numbers but give a general idea of what it takes) ....carefully managed hunting can actually generate revenue (not cost money) and accomplish real results.

From: nmwapiti
My thought too. The few bucks that dodge the dart or decide to relocate from a neighboring area are going to be very happy and tired.

From: GhostBird
Follow the money... who has ties to White Buffalo???

I wonder if the procedure creates nontypical bucks.

From: Shawn
Hell, pay me 3 million and me and some friends will reduce the herd a lot more than they have and do it quietly. Better off tranquilizing the deer with something that would kill them than trying to do what they are. Shawn

From: Medicinemann

From: HH
That sounds like a holdup at stagecoach gulch by road agents. For 40acre unimproved? Folks don't pay that here for three sections! WTH


From: RIT
That was more than my vasectomy.

It's too stupid too t Respond is Colorado, Montana, or Calif voters..... I am in the UP, our Govenor is an idiot,,,, BUT she does not consider the UP as a legitimate place do we are on our own. I know of several bars, all bait shops at. that never closed

From: 4nolz@work
You have to remember New Yorkers are smarter than the rest of us.Wez just ignant.

From: GF
I’m still trying to work out the logic that says that a darted deer is less of a threat to human/traffic safety than one that’s dying on his feet from a BH....

But there’s my mistake- presumption of Logic...

From: Rut Nut
South Farm- it is 6.6 million so far. And I am trying to figure out how a "non-profit"(White Buffalo) can rake in 6.6 million and still claim to be NON-profit! ;-)

From: TrapperKayak
Bill DeBlasio is a risk to human life.

From: TrapperKayak
So is Schumer, AOC and Cuomo - quite literally. We should 'snip' them all.

From: RT
Well at least they can prove it was a stupid idea just as normal people expected.

From: Inshart
Well, now planting a bunch of wolves onto an island in MN to control the moose population doesn't sound quite so dumb!

UN-FREEK-N BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should see what the great state of montana does to out deer herds...

Lekman. What do they do? Left us hangin.

We hunt them through the ENTIRE rut with rifles on general OTC tags... For one.

From: Tonybear61
“It is the right way to go to get the job done, and you know the last thing we want to do is risk human life with the wrong kind of approach.” So anyone hitting a deer with their vehicle, contacting Lyme disease, etc. has no risk due to this misappropriation of wildlife management funds?? White buffalo has convinced several city administrators in my home state to have sharp shooting removal programs which compete with special archery hunts. Instead of charging volunteer hunters a few bucks filling the food shelves and saving the city money they'd rather pay some organization 1/2 a country away to do it. Moron's who would rather take PC approach instead of the correct approach because inner city are not educated to the truth. Hunted enough city hunts to know the actual wildlife managers just are not that bright either. (e.g. too many hunters, keeping the park open for other use, logging 2 days before opening it for hunting, expecting the deer to stay in the park and be hunted until goals are met).

From: BC173
It’s NY, what the hell else would you expect.

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