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Need new rangefinder
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Razorrick 13-May-20
PECO 13-May-20
Boatman71 13-May-20
Bou'bound 13-May-20
Empty Freezer 14-May-20
APauls 14-May-20
bonehead 14-May-20
RK 14-May-20
WapitiBob 14-May-20
fubar racin 14-May-20
Aces11 14-May-20
wyobullshooter 14-May-20
yeager 14-May-20
c5ken 15-May-20
GBTG 15-May-20
Mule Power 16-May-20
caribou77 16-May-20
W 16-May-20
From: Razorrick
Wanting a new rangefinder for elk bow hunt. Intrigued by bushnell clearshot truth but not sure if that technology really works or where to buy one. Comments about that rangefinder or other recommendations on which other rangefinder i should buy appreciated

From: PECO
I can only recommend that you get one that has angle compensation, and LED readings.

From: Boatman71
Stay away from the Nikon Acculon. I have one, and still not sure why I keep using it. Its garbage. Will not zap dark or rough surfaced things like trees and animals. I have heard others complain of the same thing with the same model.

From: Bou'bound


From: APauls
Been very happy with my Leupold RX1000 DNA/tbr. Had it about 8 years but now the red light is starting to burn out. Called Leupold and while it was well off warranty they did offer me a new one at substantially reduced pricing. I was happy with the service. It is basically nearing end of life. I've almost worn the rubber coating off of it.

If you look up other RF review threads, the Leupolds have been very well reviewed. The red readout is a big thing imo. Whatever rf you choose I'd want that to be in it.

From: bonehead
I have been very pleased with sig and Leica. The Leica is 20 years old and still perfect. Only got the sig to get angle compensation but it is great also.

From: RK

From: WapitiBob
Leupold has a new one with archers advantage uphill downhill engine. around $550

From: fubar racin
Big fan of the sig sauer rangefinders

From: Aces11
I purchased a sig last year and really like it.

I’ve had a Vortex Ranger 1500 for 3 yrs and love it. It has angle compensation and, I agree with APauls, a red LED which is great.

From: yeager
Had the Leupold RX-1200 TBR, but upgraded to the RX-1600i TBR/W last year and couldn’t be more pleased. The red OLED reticle is easy to read in low light conditions.

From: c5ken
Leica Geovi 10x42. Had it for years with zero problems...

From: GBTG
What yeager and's all about the red readout!

From: Mule Power
Leica. Makes Leupold look like a toy.

From: caribou77
I’ve had great success with my vortex 1500. The red led screen is what’s most desirable to me. It’s been flawless for me.

When I purchased it I was looking at the sig kilo 2000 as well. My buddy bought the kilo 2400? It’s amazing and easily shoots over 1600 yards.

Get a red display and angle comp and the longest range capability they make. Some models shoot through glass and blind netting as well. May not hurt to test a few.

From: W

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