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Reattach tube on avians turkey decoy
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Cross Gobbler 13-May-20
t-roy 13-May-20
sitO 13-May-20
Scoot 13-May-20
Brotsky 13-May-20
midwest 13-May-20
Rut Nut 13-May-20
Medicinemann 13-May-20
Brotsky 13-May-20
How do I reattach the stake tube it the back of older avian x turkey decoys? I call her Ilene because she doe/doesn’t set upright??!

From: t-roy
Just lay her on the ground and call her Matt!

From: sitO
Ha! Try calling Avian, they sent me a new one when I had an issue...which I promptly gave away as I have DSD's as well.

From: Scoot
T-roy, couldn't he lay her on the ground and cant her to the side a little bit and call her Eilleen?

From: Brotsky
Throw it in the lake, call it Bob, and get some DSD's! :-)

From: midwest
Hang it on the wall and call it Art!

….and get some DSD's. ;-)

From: Rut Nut
Throw her in the toilet and call her Crapolla...............and get some Wind Drifters! ;-)

From: Medicinemann
Bury it in a pile of leaves, and call it Russell (rustle).

Dig a hole, throw it in, cover with dirt, and call it Phil (fill)

Other examples would include Skipper, Pat. etc.....but as long as you get some DSD's, you'll be fine.

From: Brotsky
Hang curtains from it and call it Rod? Turn it into a duck and call it Bill?

We are very helpful I know.

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