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bighorn 17-May-20
Charlie Rehor 17-May-20
Matt 17-May-20
wyobullshooter 17-May-20
t-roy 17-May-20
Buffalo1 17-May-20
Russell 17-May-20
Medicinemann 17-May-20
rooster 18-May-20
Ermine 18-May-20
pirogue 18-May-20
bowhunter55 18-May-20
WapitiBob 18-May-20
Bowboy 18-May-20
Shuteye 18-May-20
Royboy 19-May-20
Boatman71 19-May-20
Buck Watcher 19-May-20
From: bighorn
What are the best pin colors for aging eyes? I use the fl. green but was wondering about the yellow, red, blue colors which would be better?

From two of our resident Optometrists: Green first then yellow. I go green, yellow and green on my 3 pin slider. Forget about the red. When they first told me I checked and the red pin “stared” the most. Additionally, I have a verifier on each of my bows and my elder eyes are happy again. Good luck. C

From: Matt
I go all green and just paint the pin bodies a different color for quick reference.

I’ve alternated green and yellow for many, many years.

From: t-roy
My 20, 30 and 40. are green, then 50 is red, then 60 & 70 are green again. Easy for me to reference up or down from my 50 (red) pin. Agree with others, than red is least visible (to me at least) but using yellow at 50 was too similar to the green to quickly pick it up.

From: Buffalo1
Just flo. green on a single slider pin. Keeping it simple.

From: Russell
For my fix pin sight, I have green at 20 and 30 yards, 40 yards is red, and 50 and 60 yards are green.

My single pin slider, has a green pin

From: Medicinemann
Charley Rehor and Wyobullshooter X 2

From: rooster
My pins are green, red, yellow, green and red. 30,40,50,60 and 70 yards. The 50 yd yellow is the hardest to see for me. It is also the first .010" pin on my sight.

From: Ermine
I see green the best. And then yellow and red the worst. I have green, yellow, green, alternating

From: pirogue
Another vote, with age, for green. Red is worse, for me.

From: bowhunter55
Single pin slider green here too

From: WapitiBob
Blue doesn’t halo.

From: Bowboy
Green for me also!

From: Shuteye
Single slider green pin. Jeff Hopkins made mine for me way before they were available in stores. He had rolls of fiber optic material. I complained to him that I had trouble seeing my pin early and late in the day. He made the sight while I watched and I killed a lot of deer with that sight. The best part was, it was free. He was world champ shooter when he did that for me.

From: Royboy
All green here!

From: Boatman71
My 49 year old eyes like Blue. I have experimented a lot with different colors and I continue to go back to Blue. I think it is a personal choice. As said before, Blue does not starburst as easily as the other colors.

From: Buck Watcher
My eyes are old I have 3 green pins on all my sights. I never tried blue but am interested.

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