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Off duty TWRA officer shoots 2 hunters
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lewis 18-May-20
'Ike' 19-May-20
Pop-r 19-May-20
shiloh 19-May-20
[email protected] 19-May-20
Pop-r 22-May-20
Hammer 22-May-20
Rut Nut 22-May-20
From: lewis
Crazy time in Tennessee an off duty TWRA officer accidentally shot 2 hunters on the last day of turkey season while turkey hunting on public land in Campbell County.Both hunters are said to be ok. I would love to be a fly on the wall when he is questioned by his superiors.Stay safe out there.Lewis

From: 'Ike'

I hope the two hunters recover quickly and with no lasting effects-if that is possible. Sucks for the TWRA guy.

From: Pop-r
What an idiot! He should be terminated & kept from ever owning a firearm again!

From: shiloh
Any chance the guys could have been slipping on a turkey that the officer was calling to? He might not have known they were there and shot the bird hitting them with stray pellets?? Article says the men were treated and released from the hospital.

Reports state that there are 3x more accidents per 100,000 hunters, during turkey season (spring and fall- shotgun and rifle) when compared to rifle deer seasons. Per a New York state report.

From: Pop-r
I suppose it is possible Shiloh. Not likely though.

From: Hammer
Pretty sad when ya can’t tell the difference between ANY animals you’re hunting and a human being , regardless of what they may be wearing and how far away the “target” may have been ! I had another deer hunter sling an arrow that just missed my leg as I was walking down the trail back to my truck carrying my climber stand on back and holding my bow . I’m 6’ and it was noon on a bright sunny day. Glad he had bad aim ...

From: Rut Nut
However it happened, NOT good “optics” for a game warden! : (

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