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goelk 18-May-20
Treeline 18-May-20
KSflatlander 18-May-20
From: goelk
My girls found my hunting journal while cleaning our basement. Though I lost it 10 years ago while elk hunting. Started reading at the beginning, 1975 bow hunt for elk and deer in Northwest Colorado. Kill my first Elk on the fourth day of my hunt trip and was very lucky. My arrow hit a unseen branch and hit the bull in the ass. Texas Heart Shoot. !976 i kill my first mule deer a doe with a bow in the same area perfect broadside shot. 1977 i kill my first antelope a doe with a bow from ambush site in same area. Memories of my first kill with a bow.

From: Treeline
Great find! Glad it showed up... Bet there’s lots of great memories that it will bring back!

From: KSflatlander
You should post some of it. Would be an interesting read.

By the way, you killed your first elk when I was 4 years old. And your still at it. Hat's off to you.

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