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New Brunswick Moose Draw
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HuntingAdict 19-May-20
Trial153 19-May-20
HuntingAdict 20-May-20
milnrick 20-May-20
JG 28-May-20
nowheels 01-Jun-20
kakiatkids 02-Jun-20
JL 02-Jun-20
HuntingAdict 02-Jun-20
From: HuntingAdict
Anybody draw a new brunswick moose tag? My result was "unsuccessful" again however my fathers was "unsuccessful but chosen to be on alternate list"! I made a call to the number they provided and turns out he is second in line if anyone fails to purchase their tag or turns one in for what ever reason. The woman on the phone said in an average year they usually get to alternate 5 or so on the list so fingers crossed! Moose has been on my dads bucket list for a long time.

From: Trial153
No luck for me.

From: HuntingAdict
Yea its tough odds! I think only 50 non resident draw tags up for grabs....

From: milnrick
Swing and a miss for us as well.

From: JG
Zip here too. Tough draw to get

From: nowheels
I hope that works out for your father. That would be a great hunt!

From: kakiatkids
Yup, no dice here...again...Ill keep trying though..

From: JL
Hope your dad gets the call.....

From: HuntingAdict
Thanks! Me too!! I love hunting moose, best table fair around as far as I'm concerned. We live in the North East too so being able to drive up easy and bring everything back easy is very nice.

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