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From: Altizer

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Altizer's embedded Photo
Fellow bowhunters, I wanted to let you all know that Jay Massey’s acclaimed book “Bowhunting Alaska’s Wild Rivers” is being featured on “The Stickboys” podcast. Working together with PBS, permission was were able obtained for Chad Slagle to read the book for the podcast. For you that never had a chance to read this book, it is a classic. It exemplifies the adventure of bowhunting. Jay was one of the greatest bowhunters of modern times. Sadly, we lost him years ago and this book and “A Thousand Campfires” have been out of print for years. Our goal was to provide access to these wonderful stories to all you that never read the book. You can find a link under the Professional Bowhunter Society’s web site or under “The Stickboys” podcast. If you love bowhunting, you owe this to yourself! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did 30 years ago. Alan

One of my favorite books! I will be listening to this one, especially with an AK moose hunt planned for this September....

From: JohnMC

JohnMC's Link
Took me a few minute to find so here is the link to and I can come back here and find when I get time to listen. Thanks for heads up.

From: Zbone
Thanks for sharing!

From: Barry Wensel
I agree with Alan (above). It's a classic that sadly faded away in the passing decades. Although we never got to hunt together, I had the pleasure of sharing a motel room with Jay back in the late '80s. At that time I had a broken leg, in a full cast and was on crutches. He was the epitome of a polite gentleman as he pampered me the whole weekend. We even ended up going to a Kathy Mattea country music concert that weekend. For those younger guys who are not familiar with Jay I would strongly suggest you listen to the free reading on the PBS Stickboys podcast. You'll be glad you did. Just sit back, prop up your feet, close your eyes and... presto.. you'll be floating the Moose John river in remote Alaska with Jay. You won't be sorry. .. and.. the price is right! (free). BW

From: Zbone

Zbone's embedded Photo
Zbone's embedded Photo
Cool story Barry, "Jay at you service"...8^))) He was truly a gentleman, soft spoken and polite and very down to earth... Along with yourself, one of my heros as a young man... True ambassadors of our sport... Thank you...

I spoke on the phone with Mr. Massey several times trying to plan an Alaskan hunt although it never happened, then a few years later while attending a MI Longbow shoot, I got to meet him...

So here I am with a buddy shooting the course and we're stopped along a target as the line backs up in front about half way through with nobody behind.... Just my buddy and I are standing there waiting and up walks Jay and a young novelist from behind... My buddy and I are just like dropped jawed... Jay procedes to give this young man pointers of shooting as we listen... Here is Jay teaching this young man mentoring him to the future of our great bowhunting heritage and archery... So we proceed kinda together the next few targets... So to this day I get to say, "I shot bows with Jay Massey"...8^)

After, oftened wondered if the young man ever realized who was mentoring him that day,,, be like shooting hoops with Michael Jordon and not knowing who you were playing with...8^)

Jay wrote 4 books, all now considered classics and hard to find, plus helped put together the old Alaska Bowman magazines in 78 and 79 with Doug Borland. I have a set of them and love reading them every few years! Good stuff, especially the old retro pics of those guys plus Dick Hamilton hunting AK critters in bell-bottom blue jeans and white sneakers (but there is usually a dead animal in the pics too)...

I am pig hunting, can not bring it up. All I get is music junk talk. What do I type in to Google the podcast? I have typed in stick boy, and PBS, get junk....thanks

From: dgb
Had the pleasure of floating the Moose John in Jay's last year of operation - just a few months before he passed. He was an honest, hard-working, and pleasant man and I think of him often.

From: elkmtngear
That was awesome, Thanks for sharing!

From: McCree
Great books! I'm sure it's a long shot but if anyone has extra copies of either I may be interested in buying them.

From: MarshS
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