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Ermine 22-May-20
any one used a tipi or sawtooth from Kifaru?

From: Scrappy
I tried sending you a pm, is the place to get all the info you could ever want on gear from kifaru to include the CEO and staff that are always answering questions.

From: Ermine
Been using Kifaru tipi since the beginning of when they started.. They are awesome shelters

From: elkster
I've used a sawtooth for at least 8 yrs. Its as good as advertised. Use with stove in winter.

From: Trophyhill
I've slept in a Sawtooth many times while scouting, and a little while hunting. Great shelter, but I'm not a fan of floorless shelters in NM.

seen guys using tyvek for a floor.

Tyvek is good. But, roofing underlayment is better. Look online for Owens Corning armor roof underlayment.

Never used a Kifaru shelter. But, I use some of their other gear, their pack frames, and their bags. It’s top of the line quality. Sourced and made in the USA. If it has their tag on it, you can rest assured it’s quality cannot be topped. And, they will stand behind it.

From: leftee
Quality,reliability and great people.

From: Ermine
One you go flourless you will never go back. It’s so nice in many ways. I have camped in a lot of different states with a Kifaru floor less shelter Never had issues

I really like using their eight man tipi with a stove on backpacking hunts with 2-3 guys when you expect to get wet or snowy weather. Being able to warm up and dry out in those conditions makes a big difference.

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