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Nevada Archery Elk Unit 104,108,121
Contributors to this thread:
Gus 21-May-20
Matt 21-May-20
IdyllwildArcher 26-May-20
'Ike' 26-May-20
From: Gus
Against all odds, I drew this tag this year. I am planning on a DIY hunt. I am starting my information gathering on this unit. Any one ever hunt this unit willing to share some information would be appreciated. DM me if you would like.

From: Matt
Congrats on the tag, good luck.

I've never hunted there, but I've spoken with the CO a few years back. Wait a month for the craziness of the draw to die down, then call in and ask for a good time to talk. You'll get good info. Grats on a very good tag. Please let us know how your hunt goes.

From: 'Ike'
Nice job Gus...

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