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Wyoming Antelope Covid Opportunity
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JL 21-May-20
wytex 27-May-20
From: JL
I just got this in the inbox. Some may or may not already know this but FYI anyway.

"This is a small excerpt from an email from the head of the Wyoming Game and Fish, Brian Nesvik First, we fully intend to have a fall hunting season. The Commission set all of the big game seasons and asserted their desire to get back to a "normal state" as soon as is safely possible. If a non-resident hunter were to draw or purchase a license and then was prevented from coming to our state due to COVID 19 restrictions, we would issue refunds. We handle these through a license review board on a case by case basis, however, I can commit that we will provide significant deference for anything COVID related.

In addition, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon recently lifted the 14-day quarantine orders when traveling into or out of Wyoming. Therefore, travel to Wyoming for hunting at this time would not be restricted nor would you be required to quarantine here or back at home."

Also....the outfitter (Tangle Ridge Outfitters) has this covid hunt opportunity. I have nothing to do with the outfitter...I'm just passing it along for general info.

Perino Ranch Antelope Hunt Regular Price $2250 COVID price $1750. (this price is for remaining dates, choice of dates may or may not be available) *meals and lodging not included in the price 3 day Rifle Hunt or 4 day Archery Hunt

AREA 79 ARCHERY ONLY *THIS HUNT REQUIRES AT LEAST 2 PREFERENCE POINTS. Regular Price- $2250.00 COVID price- $1850.00 (choose your dates for this hunt) *meals and lodging not included in the price APPLICATION DEADLINE MAY 31

From: wytex
Yes we will be open for hunting and no need for an outfitter for a pronghorn hunt.

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