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Wisker Biscuit Rest
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bighorn 21-May-20
APauls 21-May-20
bigdog21 22-May-20
Percy 22-May-20
x-man 22-May-20
Coyote 65 23-May-20
x-man 23-May-20
elkmtngear 23-May-20
Denali 27-May-20
Coyote 65 02-Jun-20
From: bighorn
Anyone have the v biscuit? How is it? Is any better than the original ?

From: APauls
Solves a problem that doesn’t exist.

Sorry I shouldn’t have replied. No I do t have experience with it

From: bigdog21
looks like more parts to come lose and replace more to go wrong. why fix the old one if its not broke.

From: Percy
Best hunting rest available IMO. Holds the arrow in place, no noise, no string or rope tied to the cable or limb, no timing issues and easy to load. May not be the best rest for target shooting. Percy

From: x-man
I agree with Adam. It tries to fix a problem that doesn't exist. I suppose the marketing team has to come up with something once and a while or lose their jobs?

From: Coyote 65
having had a arrow fall off a rest as I was chasing mule deer, I now have one. I now do not have to glance down and verify the arrow is still on the rest like I used to do every time.


From: x-man
Coyote 65, when has your arrow ever fallen off an original style WB rest? The OP was asking about the "V" biscuit in comparison to the original "round" biscuit.

From: elkmtngear
I shoot 4 fletch, so the V biscuit is not an option for me. Looks like a beefed-up version of the "Octane Hostage", a rest that's been around for a while.

From: Denali
My guess is that with the Patent expiring, they had to modify it to have something exclusive. I also think that they would have had plenty of time to test it and it is not very complicated, so it should work fine. I cannot imagine it is a dramatic improvement , either.

From: Coyote 65
X-man, original rest was a prong type, hated it, kept having to put heat shrink on the prongs to keep it quiet, went to the WB after losing an opportunity on a really nice mule deer. WB has never failed me, original not the V.


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