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Wow future Bowsite Club house?
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Huntcell 22-May-20
BUCKeye 22-May-20
HH 22-May-20
APauls 22-May-20
elkmtngear 22-May-20
Ambush 22-May-20
t-roy 22-May-20
Maverick 22-May-20
cnelk 22-May-20
Norseman 22-May-20
Vonfoust 22-May-20
TD 22-May-20
From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's embedded Photo
Huntcell 's embedded Photo

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Just the place for western Bowsite gatherings now that Pat has finalize the deal for eastern clubhouse this The 11,900-acre Seven Lakes Ranch is located in the White River Valley near Meeker, Colorado – it will be awesome.

Seven Lakes straddles nearly 2 miles of the White River, which offers top-notch trout fishing, and the property supports many elk and mule deer, making it “one of the finest trophy big game hunting and fishing ranches in Colorado,”

The sprawling ranch’s terrain includes a variety of riverside meadows, aspen groves and mountain parks, according to the listing. It shares 15 miles of boundary with Bureau of Land Management, state and national forest lands. There’s also a small creek, dozens of ponds and, yes, seven mountain lakes.

From: BUCKeye
I would like to make my reservation now for opening week of elk season. Thanks Pat- this is gonna be great

From: HH
I bid on it already.


From: APauls
Are you guys saying Pat didn't already invite you? Guess this is awkward....

From: elkmtngear
Had a Buddy that was invited to spend a day, guiding/ calling elk on that Ranch. He called in something like 24 bulls in one morning.

From: Ambush
Pat got a hold of me personally to let me know that I’ve already been put at the top of the list......

..... of people that will never be hunting it. Such a kidder that Pat, eh!!

From: t-roy
I sent Pat a PM on this......The recent Bowsite glitch must still be causing issues, since I haven’t gotten anything back from him yet..

From: Maverick
In my mind I have an agreement in place to purchase this ranch and would appreciate it if my newly found paradise is not publicly viewed or commented on the internet.

The house is magnificent and the sprawling landscape will provide great fishing and elk hunting for many years to come. As you can imagine we are quite excited!

I will say, though, as we are getting ready to finalize the deal I am becoming more and more concerned with the current owner choking....

From: cnelk
Hell, just having a Search Function would be great

From: Norseman
In for September 16-25th

I hope heaven is that nice.

Why would you ever sell?

From: Vonfoust
I thought Lou owned this ranch??

Brad that one made me laugh.

From: TD
Guessing the app fee kinda guarantees you draw......

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