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From: grossklw
Basically just looking for confirmation as I start my search here.  I was debating between CO and ID, and I'm leaning towards ID at this point (coming from WI).  I've been lucky enough to kill elk in 2 different states and have been 3/3 on archery hunts so I might as well try and add another to the list.  I struck out when I was expecting a WY tag and I still need to head west.  I've been reading the last 24 hours on ID and would like someone to basically just confirm I'm on the right track here.  

Idaho has x amount of total non resident elk tags, but of those tags certain regions have a certain cap number.  If the region doesn't have a cap number your general tag is good for any area of the state that isn't LE and doesn't have a cap, correct?  If I purchase one of the "capped" region tags I can still apply for LE though, right?  If I'm planning on hunting ID anyway, I might as well apply for a difficult to draw tag in the June 5th deadline since I'm planning on coming to ID anyway.  Does that sound correct?  

From: Brotsky
You're on the right track with one exception. The "general" tags are still region specific. You'll need to pick which region you intend to hunt even though the tags are not capped for that region. A "general" tag is NOT good in all uncapped units.

From: Pop-r
Several units in each region that it's good for. Seems as though some regions may group together too but been a while since I read over it.

From: sticksender
Definitely apply for one of the limited draw licenses if you know you're going to ID either way.

From: Firsty

From: YZF-88
On the capped units they sold out in seconds. The uncapped units will sell out but I can’t find a current count on the tags left. I sent you some controlled hunt recommendations via PM!

If you're thinking of going to ID, you're going to get the hunting license anyways so you should put in for the draw. There's one pretty good unit that's not too tough to draw and a few really good units that are very tough to draw. You probably won't draw, but if you do, you'll have a good tag. If you don't draw, you can still purchase one of the OTC tags.

From: Outdoordan
You are on the right track and have been given the correct information above. Your tag, when purchased will be good for a certain zone, which is a group of units so start thinking about that now. To break down the areas by topography, So. Eastern Idaho has classic steep alpine country with meadows and some sage, Central even more sage with more "fingers of evergreens" and steep rocky country. The Salmon river country is wild, steep, and hard to get to. Western Idaho is usually wetter with more "bushy" country mixed with sage and larger evergreen patches. Even wetter still is the area North Central, the Selway and Clearwater areas are thick like Western Oregon or Washington with smaller meadows and openings and huge evergreen forests. The Panhandle is more rolly Polly, still fairly wet but the mountains aren't as generally as steep. It has more agriculture mixed with thick evergreen forests and lots of lakes and rivers. All the way on the other side of the state, in the far south along the Nevada and Utah border is a much drier hotter climate, with some pinyon/juniper country, sage, a drier mix of vegetation. The reason I say this, is people like certain types of terrain, and you can find almost any in Idaho. Generally speaking, Idaho has units with slightly better success rates than other OTC states.

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