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Ruby Mountains mule deer first timer
Mule Deer
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MichaelArnette 22-May-20
tkjwonta 22-May-20
Tilzbow 25-May-20
MichaelArnette 26-May-20
I’ve been putting into Nevada for years, finally drew the ruby mountain archery tag. Has anyone hunted the area who would be willing to give me some advice? My only experience with mule deer has been in Colorado

From: tkjwonta
Hi Michael, I think the tag numbers are a bit lower than when I hunted there a couple times, but I would suggest hunting during the week and/or trying to hunt toward the end of the season. I hunted the same area in the Rubies twice, once over the first weekend and once in early Sept. There was a night and day difference in the amount of people, both hunters and hikers were much lower in Sept.

Lamoille Canyon is by far the most popular access point, and that's where we hunted from both times. But even with the traffic you can find deer if you get a canyon or two off the main trails.

We've always found quite a few bucks, but not too many with the big traditional 4x4 frames, lots of goofy 2x3s or really wide forkies. If you sort through several of those you can usually find a nice, mature buck, but could still be a 3x4 or not have great genetics.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good luck, -Tyler

From: Tilzbow
Are you willing and able to backpack or hire horses to access the backcountry? If so, as with most places, it’ll open up a ton of country!

Tilzbow, yes sir I am used to backpacking in several miles in Colorado and that is why I put in for the unit to avoid the ATVs

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