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Funniest trailcam photo for the week
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DVS 25-May-20
Huntcell 25-May-20
t-roy 25-May-20
Buffalo1 25-May-20
goyt 25-May-20
Inshart 25-May-20
Bou'bound 25-May-20
GF 25-May-20
StickFlicker 26-May-20
From: DVS

DVS's embedded Photo
South-Africa's funniest trailcam photo!
DVS's embedded Photo
South-Africa's funniest trailcam photo!
We had a couple of trailcams out last week, to see what is going in the hunting area. Because of the big area not being covered by guides and hunters hunting at the moment, we though we would check in and see what our cameras can pick up. And this was the funniest and scariest photo to date. Have you ever seen a wide eyed, signal horned red hartebeest?

From: Huntcell
No ! But don’t see the humor , poor beast, must have been painful loosing such important sign of his virility and then stigmatized, shunned for being different and add being made fun of on the World Wide Web.

Looks like a candidate for a cull hunt.

From: t-roy
Looks like a character out of a Dr. Seuss book!

From: Buffalo1
Only a mother could love ! Almost as ugly as a warthog.

From: goyt
It sorta looks like both horns are there but the whole skull cap was rotated 90 degrees! I do not know how that could happen and he live through it.

From: Inshart

From: Bou'bound
He will Live to be the oldest one on the ranch for sure

From: GF
How do you score of the spread on like that?

From: StickFlicker
I doubt that he will live to be the oldest, Bou. They usually kill such animals on sight as culls. They are eating food and providing no return (hunters don't want and they don't usually breed), plus one-horned animals are dangerous to other animals in a fight, so best to remove them.

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