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ewaynes 25-May-20
Huntcell 25-May-20
Newhunter1 27-May-20
Owl 27-May-20
RK 27-May-20
Tracernock 28-May-20
From: ewaynes
I am in Illinois and find myself needing a new hunting partner. I have been exclusively been hunting with my son who graduated from college this year and is working full time and our schedules no longer allow us the time to hunt together. I have property in Sangamon county and also have a lease that in Henderson county that is already paid for the season. I am not looking for anyone to buy into the lease, if things workout we can talk about that next year. I am simply hoping to find someone who has similar hunting ideas and we can go from there.

From: Huntcell
“find myself needing a new hunting partner. “

There was a guy on Wi site asking the same, goes by handle ground hunter maybe reach out to him

From: Newhunter1
I pm'd you my number

From: Owl
Find a way to date before you propose. A compatible hunting partner is a darned tough person to find.

From: RK
Owl. LMAO. so true

From: Tracernock
Ewaynes I live and hunt in Henderson county. Where abouts is your lease here?

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