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Leather lined vs Goretex lined
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Ermine 28-May-20
elkmtngear 28-May-20
Hank_S 28-May-20
WV Mountaineer 28-May-20
Dale06 28-May-20
TD 29-May-20
Too Many Bows Bob 29-May-20
From: Ermine
What’s your guys preference on leather boots? Leather lined or those with a goretex membrane?

Leather lined breath a little better and can be cooler in hotter temps. Goretex membrane provides more water proof.

From: elkmtngear
GoreTex for me.

I'm usually hunting in some areas that can get pretty wet.

From: Hank_S
GoreTex for me as well. I've never had a dry day hunting elk...I run into water at some point during the day.

For work I prefer leather lined. For hunting, I only buy goretex.

From: Dale06
I won’t buy hunting boots that are not gortex.

From: TD
Leather lined have been the most comfortable I've owned by far. But they tend to be heavier, take more maintenance and are getting harder to find. My last boots are goretex but mainly because the leather lined model was near impossible to find. And LL are going to be all leather and no synthetic panels, etc. Which are also getting harder to find.

The goretex boots I've owned prior didn't stay waterproof more than a year or two. Once the liner bootie seams split they leak like a sieve. We will see how long these new ones stay waterproof.

I always go with gortex, but i use mink oil too.


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