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Boot recommendations (uninsulated)
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Ermine 28-May-20
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Brotsky 28-May-20
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ohiohunter 10-Jun-20
Browtine 10-Jun-20
From: Browtine
Just finished up spring gobbler season and my XX year old Meindl boots laid down on me. The sole came 3/4 of the way off. Leather is still in GREAT shape (I always apply boot dressing / wax every year). So I'm in the market for a new pair of uninsulated early elk season / spring gobbler season boots. I do a lot a of walking. So I'm looking for comfort, traction, waterproofness and long lasting performance. I don't really have a problem getting another pair of Meindl's but thought I may give something else a try this time around, especially since the Meindl's came from Cabelas and I really don't care for Cabelas since BPS took over. I'm looking at Kenetrek Mountain Extreme non-insulated as an option but wanted thoughts for other options I should consider. I don't really have a budget price in mind as I don't mind saving to buy high end boots if that is what I need to do.

From: Ermine
Lowa tibets are my favorite all around boot. Very comfortable and stuff.

From: jingalls
Crispi Boots. Call CamoFire and see what they have left on the 2019 closeouts. They had some great pricing on them!!!

From: Old School
Kenetrek Hardscrabble or Lowa Camino GTX are what I use for both turkeys and archery elk.

From: Brotsky
I’m running the Crispi Thor this year. They have been excellent so far. Very comfortable under load and no leaks to speak of. I’ll be wearing them this fall chasing elk.

From: Jethro
28-May-20 Cabelas no longer carries them

Lowa Renegade’s are my preference.

From: 160andup
The Lowa Renegades are very comfortable, but certainly less boot than the Lowa Tibet. The Tibet's are a much tougher and sturdier boot, but both are great for what they're made for.

From: W

From: Buckskin21
I just ordered some zamberlan vioz gtx from rei's memorial day sale. They have a wider boot similar to the meindls and are full grain leather so should stay waterproof

From: Pyrannah
Zamberlan has been awesome for me

From: MtnHunter
Crispi Colorado's, UI Nevada's, guides

Salmon boots rock

From: Hessticles
I have kenetrek, crispi and under armour. The crispi summit gtx are by far my favorite

Lowa Tibet’s

From: Hoot
I like lowas, but I’m surprised no one has suggested, if your boots are in such good shape, why not just have them re-soled?

From: RTJ1980
Kenetrek and Crispi Thors for me. Picked up the Crispi's on Camofire this spring and only have about 100miles turkey hunting and training so far. The Kenetrek's are a great boot, but are much heavier than the Crispi. It seems like the heavier the load the more the Kene's liked it.

Hanwag Alaska

From: Teeton
I do believe that meindl has parted ways with cabela's. I've had quite a few different pairs of boots. But none fit my feet as well as the meindl perfekt hikers.

I wish I could find a boot that has the same fit. Meindls are still sold in the USA. Just google them. Model names are different, but still have similar boots with similar fit.

From: Z Barebow
Crispi Wyoming boot are the best ones I have owned.

From: Dave B
I just picked up a pair of crispi guides and so far they are great. Much sturdier and well made than my old danner pronghorns

From: midwest
Lowa Renegades and Caminos. The Caminos are by far my favorite for out west but the Renegades are a super comfy lighter boot. They just started to leak this last year after 4 or 5 seasons.

Camofire has Crispi's listed today

From: Jims
I tried Kenetreks and returned them after one day on steep hills. Felt like I was on stilts. I really like my Lowa Tibets but only use them in deep snow when I need taller boots. I'd recommend a mid weight hiker. They are a lot lighter and easier to stalk quietly than stiff, heavier boots.

I've owned quite a few Lowas. The Renegades that aren't all leather didn't last very long. They came apart at the seams once wet. I really liked Lowa Vantage and Caminos. Recently I switched over to Crispis and they are about the best boots I've owned. As mentioned take a look online for 2019 closeouts because several models have amazing prices if you can find the right size. I have the Wyo's and Dakotas. I would recommend all leather if you want them to last a lot longer. Synthetics generally come apart at the stitching seams....although they are lighter weight and breath a tad better.

From: Browtine
I didn't really think about getting them re-soled. If that can be done, do you have to send them back to the manufacturer or is there some place in particular they can be sent to?

From: JohnMC
If you like the brand/model of boots you had, I'd stay with them in a new boot. Why hope another brand will work as well for you?

From: No Mercy
Crispi hands down for me

From: Hoot
Just do a search for shoe repair or boot resoling service in your area and call around, Meindl USA might offer it as a service as well but you’d have to send them in.

I’ve never had it done on hinting boots but I’ve had one pair of steel toe work boots for the last 12 years and had them done twice....

From: Dale06
I sure like my Crispi Colorado GTX boots. Used only on elk hunts.

From: Browtine
I didn't know there were any shoe cobblers still around but I have found a couple. Meindl said the model boots I have can be resoled and gave me the name of a company who can do it if I can't get it locally. In the meantime I found a pair of lowa Tibet gtx hi models for $275 so they are on the way.

From: Hackbow
Recently got some Crispi Wyoming's for elk hunting. I'll let you know what I think of them in October, lol.

From: DanaC
Get some Shoe Goo and glue the sole back on

From: PECO
My feet love Lowa Renegades. I wear them a lot, not just for hunting.

From: backpacker

From: caribou77
MEINDL are still sold, contact them and they can tell you the new name of their “Cabela’s” boots. I just looked into this a week ago. I’m a firm believer in once you find a good one, stick with it.

From: ohiohunter
Hard to go wrong with Lowa, not a lot of negative press out there regarding fit And the Tibet’s are tanks. I’d be surprised if he’s not happy. Crispi is going strong too.

From: Ridgefire
Hanwag Alaska GTX for me. They fit my feet like Nike Airs and keep them bone dry. Tons of support as well.

Yep I've had 3 pairs of Lowa Tibets and I now have Hanwag Alaska's. They're very similar but the rubber rand on the Hanwag go a little higher on the toe, the laces go a little closer to the toe and they fit me a little better than the Tibets.

From: elkocd
The honest truth is there is no perfect boot for everyone. Too many factors and fit differences. I need a stiff supportive boot because I abused my ankles and feet doing extreme sports. I've owned Kenetreks, Lowas, Meindels, and now Zamberlans. As well as some cheaper Cabelas type models. You really have to go by trial and error or find a place you can try a bunch on. Remember that if you're doing really long and heavy backpack hunting your feet are going to swell so don't get them too tight in the store. You'll regret that for sure. The two that worked well for me were the Kenetreks and now the Zamberlans. The issue I had with the Kenetreks was both pairs I had ended up leaking pretty quick. The first pair they replaced for free. The 2nd time I moved on. I can't have leaky boots deep in the backcountry! The Zamberlans have been the best for me and after a few hundred miles over a couple years are still going strong and dry. BTW I tried the Crispis on before buying the Zamberlans and they just did not fit me, but I did just buy a closeout pair of one of their lightweight models to try as a summer backpacking pair of boots. We'll see...

From: Sivart
Crispi Summit. I don't recommend any of the other Crispi uninsulated models, as the soles are too narrow. The Summit is my all time fav boot

From: kota-man
These are three of my favorite uninsulated boots: Crispi Colorado, Crispi Wyoming and Crispi Thor. I wouldn't really call the soles on the Colorado and Wyoming "narrow". In fact, I don't know that they are any more narrow than the Summits.

From: bowhunt
Crispi Nevada have been really comfortable. I have a wide foot and haven't had a problem with fit if I order in the wide size. Seems like the sole and side support is not quite as stiff as the kennetrecks had previously, but ankle support works fine for the stuff I hunt(Very steep ground). I tried a pair of Scarpa Boots before the the Crispi Nevadas. The Scarpa was not available in a wide, so i ordered the next size up. I wore them quite a bit, but they were just too narrow for my foot. If I didnt need a wide they seemed like a really comfortable boot like the Crispi. I gave them to my buddy I elk hunt with, and he has been really happy with them.

From: BowFly
Lowa renegades are good and you can literally hunt them out of the box but I have found the Crispi Crossovers to be a superior boot even though you need a couple weeks to break them in. I can destroy a pair of renegades in 3 months but am on 6+ with the cross overs and they're still going strong.

From: Drop Tine

Drop Tine's Link
One contributor to Bow Site that I respect greatly did a review on the Crispy Wyoming boots. It would be my go to boot if I were looking for uninsulated.

From: Surfbow
Without knowing what your feet are like and what will fit them best...Mine are narrow with a high arch, and my Zamberlan Lynx have been my favorite boots I've owned yet.

From: Fuzzy
Matt Burke may have some input on this. lol

From: RonS
I have the Crispi Summits and really like them for archery elk season.

From: longspeak74
Always been happy with my Asolo's, for what it's worth. Solid and waterproof.

From: Cougar
Merrill altalite waterproof mid

From: ohiohunter
I just got my salewa rapace boots. Hands down the best heel lock I’ve put my feet in. Good combo of weight vs stiffness.

From: Browtine
Update. I was able to get my old Meindl boot sole re-glued by a shoe cobbler for $29 including postage. Haven't tried it out yet but looks good. I don't know if I would trust it on a backcountry hunt but certainly will get more life out of it on close-to-the-truck hunts and working on the farm. Also, the Lowa Tibet GTX HI model boots I found on E-Bay have arrived and I have worn them on carpet for a few days and really like them. I'm ready to log some miles on them in the woods.

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