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Go to practice range yardage?
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Ucsdryder 30-May-20
Pyrannah 30-May-20
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GF 30-May-20
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Bowboy 30-May-20
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Old School 30-May-20
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Kurt 02-Jun-20
Bake 02-Jun-20
Trophyhill 02-Jun-20
From: Ucsdryder
At what yardage do you find yourself shooting the most/prefer to shoot the most?

I usually start at 50-60 and move back to 80. At that range I have to execute a good release, my flaws show up quicker and I can group arrows and not worry about damaging them. I honestly can’t remember the last time I shot an arrow at 20 yards.

From: Pyrannah
Hmm I start at 15 and hope to make it to 25...


From: nmwapiti
I shoot 70 and 80 religiously. Occasionally fling a few at 40 and 50 just to check and a few at 100 just to see. My typical trip to the range is 20 shots at 80 yards. When I start to get tired, I start to get sloppy. I'm only worried about reinforcing good execution for hunting elk and mule deer out west. Not trying to build up endurance for a 3D course or anything else.

From: midwest
20 in my yard most every day.

From: JohnMC
I use to shoot long range only at least in the non winter time when I could shoot outside. I found I struggled a little at shorter ranges. Not a ton but enough that when shooting a 3D at 20 yards I was not as confident as I should have been. I like shooting long distance a lot, but either start or finish with some 20 and 30 yard shots. Now I have an impingement in my bow arm and it hurts to shoot at all. Started PT this week and he thinks I will improve. Fingers Crossed!

From: GF
If I’m shooting the course, mostly 20-40; but I always make sure to shoot as many arrows as I have with me at ranges >50 on up to about 80 when the shot allows.

And if I’m not shooting the course, then I’ll shoot several dozen point-on from 65-85 just for form work.

From: Rut Nut
Between 20 and 30. More from 20 in Spring and then more from 30 as the season approaches.

From: Bloodtrail
In my yard, I Start at 30. Move to 40 and 50. Then Up to 20 to finish. That’s it. I’ve tried the longer shots at 65 and 70 but don’t really enjoy them. There no “ranges” up here in CT.

From: Bowboy
I also start at 50-60 and work my way back to 90.

From: GLP
Mostly 35. If I am going elk hunting that year then 50

From: Buffalo1
What ever the expected range is for the animal I am preparing to hunt. I have never killed an animal at a distance further than about 30 yds.

From: Stubbleduck
At home in the basement at 15 yards (All I can get) shooting mostly for form and surprise release. At the outdoor range sight in at 20-30-40-50 with a new bow and to confirm occasionally but most of the time shoot at 50 yards only three arrows at a time then go get them. This seems to make me focus on three quality shots rather than just flinging arrows down range.

From: Old School
Outside with my compound I practice out to 80. With my longbow I practice out to 30. Haven’t ever shot at an animal over 45 yards.

From: oldgoat
All of em! You should try a couple at 3-5yds and see how you do! Watched some Open Class shooters come unhinged at a local 3d shoot last year or year before.

From: Grubby
I like to shoot 30-50 then finish up at 20 to make sure I finish strong

From: Ermine

From: Hank_S
In my backyard...25 yards (neighbors complained when I shot longer distances from their deck into my yard). On the archery range, whatever the 3D course throws at me and if I can extend that range usually in the 40-70 yard category.

From: Glunt@work
15-30 mostly. Throw in a few shorter and a few longer.

Shootin 20 in my back yard, 70 on Sundays early when everyone is sleepin.. Would love to shoot 70+ every day..

From: fubar racin

From: RD in WI
I do most of my practice from 40 to 60 yards. 40 is where the shots require a bit more concentration on my part and 60 is the farthest pin on my 5-pin sight. I think all the long-range practice has had a calming effect for me when shooting at game. The buck I shot last year was a fine trophy and I was able to concentrate on a level bubble, smooth release, and follow-through and did not feel that I was rushed for time when shooting. In earlier years, I felt as though I had to hurry the shot.

From: elkmtngear
I've got around 15 3D targets scattered around my acreage, most are walk-ups at various marked yardages. A lot of uphill and downhill mixed in.

Normally I practice anywhere from 10 to 80 yards. I can get 100 yards if preparing for a 3D shoot.

Takes about 30 minutes, if I shoot a couple arrows per station. Shooting bare bow/ fingers, I feel like I have to shoot a lot, so it's sort of a "ritual" after work.

As far as "preferred" yardage for practice, I'd say I like shooting between 40 and 60 yards. Much more rewarding, when I can get a decent group at those ranges.

With my selfbow and cedars mostly practice between 15 and and 25 yards.

From: x-man
30-60 at my range bag target. 10-30 at every possible angle at my 3D deer target. I'm not going to shoot at a deer past 30 so it doesn't make sense for me to practice at a life-size target farther that that.

From: Brotsky
10 yards daily in my basement, when I head to the range generally start at 60 and then move to 80. Most of my shooting is done at 60 outdoors. Consistently hitting the X or animal at that range makes a 20 yard shot seem like an after thought when an animal comes in.

From: 76aggie
15 to 20 yards is my usual practice. 25 yards is about my max. Recurve shooter.

From: 12yards
Most of my shooting is at 15-16 yards because my shed is 50 feet long. I have a big field out behind the house so I shoot out to 50-60 yards occasionally. 60 is my max for practice.

From: DanaC
What Pyrannah said - "Hmm I start at 15 and hope to make it to 25... Recurve" Sometimes I fool around past 30, but since I compete at 'Senior' or 'Traditional' level I'm seldom required to shoot past 25. Shooting longer than your 'expected' distance sure polishes your form.

From: Surfbow
30-50 with my compound, but I only have a 4-pin sight. I shoot 15-30 with my recurve.

From: dnovo
Longbow shooter here. I have several 3 d animals plus a big block of foam. I shout from 10 to 45 with lots of variety.

From: Kurt
I usually shoot my longest shot first. Lately that is somewhere between 80 and 98 yards down on the flat. Then I will shoot few shorter shots down to 40 yards or so. Then I climb up the side of the mountain to shoot downhill 80 yards (horizontal distance) and in. I typically shoot about 8 practice arrows total for the day.

From: Bake
60 is where I shoot the most. I also like 80. Probably 60% of practice at 60, 30% at 80.

From: Trophyhill
No go to yardage for me. I'm all over the place. Different yardage, different angles, different positions. I like to keep it fun. If I were to shoot from 1 yardage, 1 angle (broadside) 1 position (standing) I'd develop bad habits and get complacent. It's my way of staying as sharp as possible. C'mon September!

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