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32Timbers 31-May-20
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Wildan2 01-Jun-20
32Timbers 01-Jun-20
jjs 02-Jun-20
From: 32Timbers

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32Timbers's DeerBuilder embedded Photo

I planted an acre of round up ready corn in a clover plot. I decided to do it last second so I did not kill off the clover first, just tilled it up and planted right away. The corn is starting to come up but so is the grass. I was told not to spray it till the corn was knee high. Will the corn outgrow the grass or should I get in there a pick out all the gras by hand. Its only an acre so it probably would not take too long. Thanks.

From: t-roy
If it’s Roundup Ready corn, you can spray it with Roundup, pretty much, at anytime. I’d probably wait till the corn is a few inches tall before spraying it. The longer you wait, plus the bigger weeds are, the harder it is to kill them. If you get another flush of weeds (and you will) you can spray it again with Roundup. Be sure and read up on the recommended amount of herbicide and the proper rate. Due to improper spraying, amongst other things, there are getting to be a lot of Roundup resistant weeds anymore. Fortunately, most grasses seem to still be relatively easier to kill than a lot of broadleaf weeds.

Also...Don’t think that you will see immediate results on your weed kill. Oftentimes it takes up to 2 weeks to really be able to tell.

From: Wildan2
Spray the corn when 6-8" tall,much taller and you risk breaking the stalk.

From: 32Timbers
Thanks for the input. I went ahead and sprayed it.

From: jjs
Back in the day wen I lived in Ia. I would find a field with grass in the corn, it made a good bedding for a stalk, good time but low yield.

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