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Empty Freezer 31-May-20
Ucsdryder 31-May-20
Empty Freezer 31-May-20
Predeter 31-May-20
Trying to figure out a better spot for my rangefinder, possibly on my harness strap. I currently have an Alaskan Guide bino and rangefinder pouch. What is everybody usin?

From: Ucsdryder
What don’t you like about the AGC front pouch? That’s where I carry mine.

It's not that i dont like it, i just think i worry too much about protecting my range finder instead of quick access and use. I see some guys carry them on there harness or on an outside strap for quicker access.

From: Predeter
I now use a bino/rangefinder but when I was using a dedicated rangefinder I ended up just looping it under my arm with a piece of paracord. Quick and silent access. For protection I had the loop long enough that I could stick the rangefinder in my pocket when needed.

Simple but effective.

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