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Surfactant- what do you use?
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Hunt98 03-Jun-20
whipranger 04-Jun-20
Habitat 04-Jun-20
wytex 04-Jun-20
darralld 04-Jun-20
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drycreek 04-Jun-20
RJ Hunt 07-Jun-20
From: Hunt98
If you use surfactants, what do you use and how much per acre?

Dawn dish soap??

I have used Dawn but usually purchase 80/20 Surfactant at TSC when buying my Remedy or other herbicide that does not have Surfactant pre-added. It is convenient and not expensive. GL.

From: whipranger
Insource and about a cup full for a atv mounted sprayer

From: Habitat
Be careful as some really increase the killing power and you can cut back on how much you use,this is some of the brands that you would by for ag use such as the insource as mentioned

From: wytex
We've been using cornbelt premier 90. Not sure how old it is though. Working fine for us, spraying thistles.

From: darralld
I've used Dawn & it worked fine.

From: skookumjt
crop oil. That's what it's for.

From: LINK

From: drycreek
I just use the cheapest liquid detergent. It works fine.

From: RJ Hunt
I use two different products and it depends on what the PH of the base water is. If an PH is near or over 7 I will use a penetrant and buffing agent at 16-32oz per 100 gallons of water ( Simplot AD-Buff or Loveland’s LI-700) and then a wetting agent at same rate (Simplot AD-Max or Activator 90). Also depends on what you are spraying. Best advise is to read the labels and learn how/when to apply and tour usage can be cut by 75%. Best of luck.

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