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37-371 Moose
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Adventurewriter 04-Jun-20
Adventurewriter 08-Jun-20
Chukar 09-Jun-20
bohuntr 09-Jun-20
Chukar 08-Nov-20
Miracles do come true! After about 20 years I drew a bull moose tag in Colorado!!! I know a couple of guys that have hunted it and plan on doing the time. Huge plus to be able to hunt all seasons this year extending the time in the field and the pressure to shoot. I also gotta juggle it with a 10 point elk tag in Wyoming that I heard is killer good. The problems you want to have!!! Plan on calling which I ehar can be deadly....Any info is appreciated.

Thanks for the pm's the research part is fun...!!!

From: Chukar
Good Luck!

From: bohuntr
You are a lucky guy Ted, congratulations and good luck on both of your hunts!

From: Chukar
Curious how your moose hunt went?

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