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Brotsky 10-Jun-20
From: Jpayne
Entertaining nthe idea or at least 3 maybe 6 guys doing a speed goat bow hunt. I spent a few hours on Google and quickly was overwhelmed. Looking for input on first hand experiences. Would like high sightings, comfortable accommodations as members in out party are right around the 60yearold mark.

From: bentshaft
I just finished going through this. We booked with Pronghorn Paradise, he's a Bowsite sponsor. I don't have personal experience, but his ratings and references are good. Also you can search under the outfitters tab, it's an excellent tool.

From: Zebrakiller

Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
Had a great hunt with pronghorn paradise last fall, going again this year

From: Buffalo1
Converse County Wy is the densest population of Pronghorn in the US.

From: Waterfowler
If you had 20 points but didn't want to burn them in a unit to do this hunt, can you apply second choice and still get drawn and keep your points?

From: yooper89
From what I gathered you cannot just put in for a second choice tag. You need to fill in a first choice, and with 20 points I think you’d probably draw even the top units in WY. I’m not an expert though, so I could be wrong.

From: Brotsky
Waterfowler, you can buy a 23-2 tag as a leftover and keep all your points for a hunt with Pronghorn Paradise as an example. Many outfitters have type 2 (private land only) tags available as leftovers which would allow you to keep your points.

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