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Colorado Moose GMU 6
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From: COStickbow
So after 20-years of application, CO finally decided to grant me a Bull Moose tag. I've drawn Unit 6, and I could sure use some recent intel on that Unit. Anyone have anything you might think valuable to share? I'm a stickbow shooter, and will be doing this on my own, so any info will be helpful!

From: Glunt@work
Congrats. Go to the Moose Visitor Center, walk across the road and pick a nice one.

Just kidding (sort of). I dont spend a lot of time in 6 but that should be a great tag. I have seen them every time I have been in the State Forest and often when just driving through on 14.

The State rents yurts up there. Could make a nice base camp.

From: Beendare
Heres a tip for you, Moose tag myself this year.

Drive the roads and talk to the elk hunters....they won't say squat about elk......but they will open up and tell you exactly where the moose they saw were.


From: cnelk
You’ll have to decide if you’re gonna hunt the north end of 6 or the south end.

The south end is the Colorado State Forest, Gould Mtn, N Michigan Res. Plenty of moose. Plenty of people.

North end won’t have near the people. Scout around the Pinkham Creek area

From: Quinn @work
I've hunted 6 for moose before. Beendare and Cnelk have good advice.

From: Jaquomo
+1 on the Pinkham Creek area.

From: Blade
Finding moose should not be a problem. I see them almost everytime I go fishing the streams or elk hunting...from one end of the unit to the other. Just be careful you don't harvest him with your truck on the way over. Good luck.

There's this deep hell hole... nevermind. Congrats Lew. Ed F

From: Jaquomo
Thing is, good bulls can be anywhere. There are no "magic" spots. If you find one in August he should still be in the same general vicinity when your season starts. And what Beendare says, talk to every elk hunting camp you can find.

From: JSW
Go to the CPW hunting page. Click on hunting statistics. Click on moose. Then click on antler measurements. That report will tell you the drainage or area where previous moose were harvested. I've found that information to be very helpful on moose, sheep and goat.

Last years report shows only one bow kill and one ML kill out of 16 tags. All others were killed with rifle. That is ideal. The year I drew my moose tag, everyone decided to bow hunt that year. It made it a little crowded. If history holds, you will only have a few bow and ML hunters to contend with.

From: cnelk
^^^ New this year - Season Choice Moose. Choose your weapon/season. You wont know who is gonna do what.

From: Treeline
Would bet that a lot of rifle hunters will be running out to buy muzzle loaders....

With muzzle loaders starting the same day as archery, it’s gonna be a mess.

Might have a few foot races to bull moose between bowhunters and rifle/muzzle loader hunters...

From: Quinn @work
What Treeline says is real. I tried bow hunting my moose in unit 6 during rifle season and had a bull shot from 300 yards with a rifle while I was stalking it 40 yards away. Scared the @#$% out of me. 300 yards won't be the case with muzzy hunters but will be a factor with unit 6 having so many tags. Try and find a bull that's off the beaten path for opening day. Come opening morning any bull that's been somewhat visible from a road will have trucks parked on it opening day.

From: COStickbow
I want to thank all of you who shared your thoughts and experience with me. With y'all's help, and a bit of luck, I hope to be sharing a good story and photo of a great Bullwinkle in the Fall!

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