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Its been 8 years since I last hiked the Rockies. Its been 10 years since I ran an arrow through my one and only bull elk. I fell in love with the mountains 20 plus years ago and its a drug that I guess just cant be kicked. I have spent many hours daydreaming of crisp fall air and bugling bulls just to keep my sanity. So I collected a couple of points and finally put in for a draw unit in Colorado. So it looks like the wife and I will be spending a week or so in northern Colorado in September! I'm somewhere between " I'm freaking stoked" and "oh crap, I've got to get in shape!" I did quite a bit of research before I put in, but this is new ground for me. My unit looks like pretty good access to NF, and that will probably be a blessing and a curse. I intend to use it to my advantage as my attitude is probably my biggest strength. So for you guys that have taken a hiatus from chasing the wapiti, and gone back, what were your biggest mistakes? What pitfalls should I try to avoid? I'm 52, and have dropped some weight. I'm around 225, but plan on dropping another 10-15 before September. My heaviest was almost 280, which was a major factor in keeping me out of the mountains. Early morning bugles and my grandbabies have been pretty good motivation for getting the weight off. Anything specific like "Shoot the first legal elk?" "Avoid the second week?" or "Make sure you stop at Lucky's for the best burger in the Rockies?" I'm going to hit the stationary bike now. PM me if you have anything more specific that that. Thanks for your support! Let's do this!

From: pav
Congrats on the tag. Assuming this is a DIY hunt, if there is anyway possible...extend the hunt to two weeks minimum. Especially if this is a new area to you.

From: Bowboy
I agree being it's a new area I would take two weeks instead of one.

From: WI Shedhead
And have 10 hunt plans. Things can crumble in a hurry when u get to a busy area

From: Paul@thefort
So how do to plan staying in Colorado? Motel, camper, tent,?

How far are you willing to pack out an elk?

I agree, a week or so, needs to be extended to at least two weeks solid.

Have plan A and plan B and maybe plan C on where to hunt in the unit.

Even in a limited draw unit, you might not be able to get away from other hunters who have planned on hunting the same area you are planning on hunting.

good access to NF will be a curse most often. If possible plan on spike camping in a few days at a time, especially if you find elk.

From: Treeline
You might consider looking into an outfitter for guided or drop camp. Possibly look in to private land access. Could really help get away from crowds and into more elk...

Tent camping. Will have an atv if needed, but figure that's just to get me past where I can get the truck. I am thinking if the weather is warm, I dont want to pack one more than a mile and a half. Just too big of a risk trying to get it all out before it spoils. Probably 7-8 days of hunting is all I can squeeze out for vacation. Thought about private land access, but I dont know where to start to find the right place. Thanks for the input guys. Keep it coming.

Scott, sent you a PM

From: South Farm
A lot changes in 8 years. For example, no need to spend money on fancy hiking boots this go round...everybody uses electric bikes to get around these day;)

From: splitlimb13
"A lot changes in 8 years. For example, no need to spend money on fancy hiking boots this go round...everybody uses electric bikes to get around these day;)" Hahahahaha

From: jordanathome
Go Get'em!

Lol. No 3 grand for a ‘lectric bike. I’m kind of hard headed anyway. A DIY trip that turns into a camping trip where I learn more about myself is worth way more than guided trip to me. And when you actually get it done, the sense of accomplishment is awesome. Been walking and hitting the stairs this week. Actually ran a 1/4 mile this morning without stopping. #fatboygoals. Lungshot, I can’t find your PM. I sent you one. Thanks guys!

From: KHunter
Good luck. You have a great attitude and clearly will have a blast no matter what.

From: Pop-r
You can't get your lungs and legs in good enough shape!

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