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Landowner deer voucher for Colorado
Mule Deer
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From: iceman
I realize this is a long shot.... but does anyone here have, or have access to any landowner archery deer vouchers for Unit 40 Colorado?

Thank you

From: Buglmin
Most landowners don't get archety deer vouchers, they make more money from rogue season vouchers. Your best bet would be to research and contact ranchers or outfitters in the area. Chances are if they have them, they're gonna be expensive.

From: Reload
Try Mike Lawson with Trophy Class Outfitters. 9702579459

Don't forget to keep an eye on official Colorado Parks and Wildlife websites or contact their offices directly.

From: MikeBishop
While finding such vouchers can indeed be a long shot, it's always worth exploring different avenues to increase your chances. It might be beneficial to connect with local hunting clubs or associations. They often have a network of members who share information and resources related to hunting permits and vouchers. While hunting for vouchers, you might also want to check out slevové kupony. While not directly related to hunting, you can find some excellent deals and discounts on outdoor gear, which can be valuable for your hunting adventures. I wish you the best of luck in finding the landowner archery deer vouchers you're looking for.

From: W
We hunted early November there for deer a couple of years back. I kept up with another NR hunter, who’s very accomplished. Neither of us saw anything special on public. We did see a big buck on private. They stayed around a pivot and wouldn’t leave.

MikeBishop sure looks like AI :)

PM sent....we have several spots with land-owner vouchers at good prices in CO.

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