Summit Treestands
Unit 7 Colorado
Mule Deer
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Tradman33 10-Jun-20
Sivart 10-Jun-20
400 Elk @Home 14-Jun-20
From: Tradman33
Has there been anybody hunted unit 7 in Colorado for mule deer at Cameron Peak? I just order a map for the Rawah Wilderness Area. I planning on going up there in the year 2023. If you guy's have information and pictures about the area would help me a lot . I just wanted to shot a mule deer with my recurve bow I don't care if it's a doe or a buck.

From: Sivart
I've elk hunted that area a lot. PM me.

I hunted elk there last year and have hunted elk a lot over the boarder in Wyoming. There are good deer in the area but I never see them until Nov rut. Very thick and lots of pressure.

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