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Wyoming deer draw
Mule Deer
Contributors to this thread:
nmwapiti 14-Jun-20
Huntcell 14-Jun-20
Zim 14-Jun-20
Treeline 15-Jun-20
IdyllwildArcher 15-Jun-20
BULELK1 15-Jun-20
Zim 15-Jun-20
From: nmwapiti
Results should post Thursday, right???

From: Huntcell
Hoping Wy deer, speed goats , AZ deer and sheep. Combined 62 points on the line.

From: Zim
No tags for me so far. All comes down to WY & OR. Should know both by Friday.

From: Treeline
Didn’t try for WY this year.

Still in the go for AZ and OR...

Yeah, Zim, you forgot about AZ deer/sheep. Also CA SHARE hunts and I have a local muskox hunt that draws in July.

All long shots, but I should draw WY PH with dad (will be absolutely shocked if I don't) and would love a WY November tag, but that's about as long as odds as AZ sheep. Here's keeping my fingers crossed...

With only 1 Random tag 'Cheapie Fee' in my November 1st choice muley unit, I'll prolly draw my 2nd choice buck tag.

Saving/max Wyo Antelope points and points in numerous states and will burn them when I'm to wore out to chase them dang elk and sheep on the mountain.

Good luck, Robb

From: Zim
Iwa, No didn’t forget, just went with unrealistic powerball picks in AZ due to expected tags in OR.

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