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Tight spot CS
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ohiohunter 16-Jun-20
JohnMC 16-Jun-20
Kurt 16-Jun-20
Jack Whitmrie jr 16-Jun-20
JayZ 16-Jun-20
Brotsky 16-Jun-20
elkmtngear 16-Jun-20
buckfevered 16-Jun-20
APauls 16-Jun-20
Sivart 16-Jun-20
Foamkilr 16-Jun-20
carcus 17-Jun-20
grossklw 17-Jun-20
From: ohiohunter
I broke a rod on my tight spot, gave them a call and they said just send it in. Boom, returned and completely restored including new foam. Fast turn around, fantastic experience! I’m guessing they are owned by MBG bc their logo was on the paperwork. Can’t ask for better service, Thank you!!

From: JohnMC
I had one with the quick lock that did not work correctly. I called them they said send it and would replace it. I guess it was a known issue with ones from year mine was made. I told them it was in middle of season and did not want to be without. They sent me a new one and said mail old one back when I received new one. I think I had to give them my debt card in case I did not mail back. They were very easy to work with and it is a great product.

From: Kurt
Excellent quiver and company!

Great product and service!

From: JayZ
Blackgold, TightSpot, and Ripcord. There isn't better customer service in the business.

From: Brotsky
I own 4 of them! Great company! If their customer service is the same as MBG's then it is damn tough to beat. I've used MBG customer service a couple times and they are amazing!

From: elkmtngear
Just had a similar experience about a month ago, TightSpot's warranty is ironclad, their service has been great !

From: buckfevered
As many above, had a minor issue. Sent it in, they replaced it. Even called to ask my Camo color choice as they couldn’t match the returned one’s Camo. Great company!

From: APauls
Ya, they're awesome.

From: Sivart
I ran one over with my truck a few years ago. They sent me a new one no questions asked. I actually felt bad for it.

From: Foamkilr
Spot hog, hamskea, tightspot. Top companies in the industry. No one compares to them or their customer service.

From: carcus
Even if their CS sucked I'd still have a tightspot, soooo much better than anything else out there

From: grossklw
My experience with MBG as well. Couple minor issues were fixed within 48 hours.

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