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Wild Sheep
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Seth 16-Jun-20
Huntcell 16-Jun-20
Surfbow 17-Jun-20
sticksender 17-Jun-20
Lone Bugle 20-Jun-20
kscowboy 20-Jun-20
From: Seth
I was fortunate to draw the NR ram tag for S17. I know the rarity of the opportunity and know full well it may be the only ram tag I draw. I am interested in chatting with anyone familiar with the unit. I started hiking with a pack the day after the draw and have been studying maps and Google Earth. I hunted ewes with my longbow in S32 about 12 years ago. I think that was the same year Jake and I believe sticksender hunted that unit. I am ready for the adventure this DIY hunt will be, and plan my first trip to the unit in mid-July. I live about six hours away, so a few long weekends are doable. I appreciate any insights.

From: Huntcell
May your luck continue.

What is luck ? Opportunity meeting preparedness.

From: Surfbow
That's a beautiful place, good luck on your hunt

From: sticksender
Congrats on your tag and best of luck!

From: Lone Bugle
Can't wait to hear the stories!!

From: kscowboy
Seth, if you have the funds, you won’t find negative feedback on Joe Boucher. I had a decent year professionally the year I drew and hired an outfitter. I did my own scouting in addition to hunting but do not regret the decision to hire an outfitter. The two biggest rams in the unit harvested that year were by me and the other guy that was also guided by Sangre de Cristo Outfitters.

A Rocky in Canada is $35K+ and this is likely the one sheep tag you will ever draw in your lifetime. I’d at least reach out to Joe.

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