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AZ 6B Cliff notes
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Glunker 17-Jun-20
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WI Shedhead 18-Jun-20
From: Glunker
I drew the early archery season tag and am reaching out to bowsite to get a heads up start to put this hunt together. What do I have to look forward to. Will be tent camping unless there are better options. Help is appreciated.

From: Bowman
Should be a gold mine for you. I had that unit last year and the southern half of the unit was closed due to a fire. Should be full of fresh green grass this year.

From: Glunker
Bowman, new feed always helps. I listened to a Jay Scott podcast that has a short segment on unit 6b by a local veteran elk guide. His take was that the northern half of the unit is the elk habitat. The north half supposedly was not conducive to glassing. His impression was that too many older bulls were being cropped in the late rifle season by long range shots in the canyons. He wanted game and fish to lower the number of late season rifle tags.

From: Heat
During the archery elk season the majority of the elk are in the ponderosa pine forest in the northern half of the unit. Of course there are some down lower but they are fewer and farther between.

They need to cut down on the tags in that unit across the board. It was an excellent hunt when had 80 bull tags and 80 cow tags. It increased to a 100 and 100 at some point and even that was fine. Now its ridiculous. Unfortunately with easy draw odds you get a lot of people with no clue or courtesy. I know that unit the best out of any unit I have hunted elk in but I quit applying there due to the nonsense. Getting an elk is great but I appreciate the experience just as much. I just never learned how to get away from people and I am not a road hunter. Things got a lot worse when the sxs army hit the woods. I am happy to let you know places that held elk in the past if you would like send me a PM with some specific questions that you may have. Good Luck!

From: WI Shedhead
The sXs thing in Az is a joke. Ran into a co in flagstaff one time and asked him about it he just chuckled and asked what they could do about it. The law for having those things on nonvehicular roads should be as such- and this goes everywhere, not just Az-

- when you are busted, you are given a substantial fine $1000 plus - immediately your machine is confiscated and put in a locked holding area - once per spring hold an auction to buy back or sell the machines to recoup the expenses of this process and maybe end up with a little more to boot, possibly to mark forest trails or whatever

I guarantee you this would take care of the bubbas that don’t respect the land use rules that most sportsman abide by

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