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Muzzy 125 gr Broadhead
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FF 17-Jun-20
Old School 17-Jun-20
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From: FF
I'm old school I guess. I've shot these same broadheads for the past 20+ years and have never had one come apart. I might have to replace a blade or 2 after hitting a rib cage but that's it. Have always recovered the animals, always get a pass through and they leave nice blood trails (I shoot mostly whitetails). In all the other broadhead posts, I don't think I have seen 1 person mention they still shoot these broadheads anymore.

I'm just curious on why their isn't more love for this broadhead??

From: Old School
I still shoot the 100 grain muzzy - reliable, tough and get pass throughs as well.

100 grain work great. Hard to market if it’s not the latest and greatest. Still among the best.

Been shooting them for around 30 years, recently up graded to MX3's. They fly a little better.

From: Predeter
Used to love them but had issues getting them to spin after Feradyne bought them so I switched.

From: jensbear
I've been shooting them for years, love the 125 grain 3 blade. Same as FF, swap out the dull blades with new and they are ready to go. Also had a few bent tips upon a pass thru or a mmmmmmmiss....but just swap that tip out also, just like the blade. I had a ferrule "bend" once, after a pass thru, but that was only once in a lot of years.

From: Bou'bound
more love for cut on contact.

From: spike78
No reason to use aluminum ferrules anymore when their are steel ones like Slick Trick. Muzzy is probably all China junk now.

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