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From: Shug
I’m beat up again physically... slipped on ice in January slammed my back and my head.

I was hoping to get through this hunting season then get done what I needed but it seems that’s not gonna work

I tried physical therapy as well as 2 epidural injections , atrophy has weakened my legs but the pain walking up and down stairs is what’s making me decide to do this so quickly. . With a 6-8 week full recovery time I decided to rush in and get the spinal fusion ASAP 6/23 with hopes I’ll be good for a S/D mule deer hunt in early September and a few other trips through the end of September into October.. November and January...

Wish me luck

My last spinal fusion I was up and walking the next day and we’ll on the road to full recovery in 4 weeks.

From: LKH
Best to you. You've been here before so you know to be careful and listen to the medical pro's.

From: JohnMC
That sucks hope it goes well. I can relate. I've got any impinged shoulder. It hurts to shoot bow. Been doing PT and not getting anywhere either.

From: Ron Niziolek
Best of luck Shug. I've been there too. Positive attitude goes a long way. You'll be hunting in September.

From: midwest
Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Shug!

From: buci 313
Best of luck in your recovery

From: Matt
Wishing you good luck and a speedy recovery.

From: Zackman
Good luck mark. Routing for you to get back to normal soon.

From: lewis
Good luck as I said getting old ain’t for sissies Lewis

From: fubar racin
Good luck ?? hope ya heal up quick!

From: Bake
Good luck! Hope you're up in no time and able to shoot and hunt. Getting older sucks, but the alternative is worse

From: pav
Best of luck Shug!

From: jingalls
Hang in there! Do all your PT and I’ll bet you will make your goal of hunting this fall. Good luck!!!

From: Spiral Horn
Take care of yourself Mark. Happy to see you’re getting it taken care off. Better to risk a season than to push it and risk all future seasons.

From: SDHNTR(home)
Fusion where? I need a dual level lumbar fusion and the doc tells me to expect 8-12 month recovery!

Sorry about your predicament. Back pain is the worst!

From: Shug
Thanks guys...SD Hunter there lies my dilemma. This will be my third fusion first time in S level. The last one 2015 I was up and walking the next day and in two months I was getting along well but not fully healed. It was 4/6 months till I was feeling 95%

As I am right now I could do the moose hunt in BC in Sept/Oct with the help of meds and possibly another epidural.

I’d hate to have this done Tuesday and for some reason be in worse condition and unable to go at all.

From: Buffalo1
Praying you will have a good surgery and a speedy and successful surgery. There is never a "good time" for surgery.

From: t-roy
Best wishes for great results and a speedy recovery, Mark!

From: Scar Finga
Prayers your way brother,listen to the docs, and go slow! You'll get there!!

From: kota-man
Good luck Mark...Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

From: Dino
Best of luck Mark! Stay strong and stay positive!

From: yeager
Hope your recovery goes well, of luck!!

From: Whocares
Good luck Shug! I'm sending you a prayer for success.

I need a moose Huntin buddy. Hoping for the best for you!!

I hear ya. I’ve got a hemorrhoid that’s been a pain in my ass.

GL bud!

From: Treeline
Good luck Shug! They keep getting better with that surgery so hoping you will be going strong even quicker than the last time!

From: Drahthaar
Hope all goes well. Forrest

From: fisherick
Shug it will depend where the fusion is. I had fusion of the neck in 2017 (C3-C4) and was back fishing in 6 weeks, hiking, hunting in 8-10 weeks. After years of spinal shots I had 4 level spinal fusion surgery in Oct. 2019 ( L3-S1, two rods, 10 screws). This surgery requires a 6 -12 month recovery time. They had me up walking the next day, and after 4 days in the hospital I went home and walked several times a day in the house for the first couple weeks. The following weeks I walked the neighborhood and increased my distance. I now walk 3 miles twice a day. At 6 months the Doc said I may tackle rougher terrain and no limits for weights, but reminded me full recovery takes a year. I still have some minor issues to work thru, but should be a go for hunting season.

Always follow your doctors orders and push yourself. Good luck.

From: Scoot
Good luck, Shug! I can relate to back problems-- no damn fun!

From: Shawn
Best of luck but if you had it done a couple months back you would be good to go. I too waited years to replace my shoulder, stupid me. Once I had it done I realized I never should of waited. Shawn

From: Shug
Thanks guys... 7 am tomorrow Shawn I was hoping to put it off till nov - dec till after my Kansas hunt.

This in fact will be my 5 th back surgery- third fusion. The last one in 2015 was fixing the previous one of 2012 . In 2014 I fell down a flight of concrete steps at work which required six surgeries on all different body parts...

My next procedure after this one will be an assisted suicide because I’m done after this one!! Thanks again for all the kind thoughts

Good luck. I feel you. This sucks

From: Shawn
Best of Luck, I need my right shoulder replaced and plan on April 2021. I hope to get through the fall with cortisone injections and pain meds. My Ortho doctor said asap and for me that is asap!! Sha wn

From: jjs
Have a friend several yrs ago that was 70 yrs old that had the same fusion, 4 most latter he was in New Zealand playing on a senior rugby team, told him he was crazy and agreed but had fun during it.

From: Fuzzy
I'm sorry man. I'm in a similar (less severe) boat since my shoulder surgery got delayed over 2 months by COVID lockdown. I'm going next Weds to schedule, looking at >8 weeks recovery (before I can even try to draw a bow) so even if surgery happens by late July I'm gonna miss the entire bow season. Missed last fall b/c I couldn't shoot enough to be accurate and honestly I shouldn't have bowhunted 2018 (ended up missing a LOT and was lucky I didn't wound anything, had to accept defeat on Kodiak and kill my blacktail with a shotgun)

From: Jasper
Mark, I’d do the same thing if I were in your shoes. Praying for you my friend, God will get you through!

From: Heat
Hope all is well Shug!

From: Mad Trapper
Good luck Shug!!

From: Shug

Shug's embedded Photo
Shug's embedded Photo
All good... Old hardware from previous fusion was charged. Lower vertebrae were just cleaned around nerves and disk no fusion

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