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How are you going to kill your bull?
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Ucsdryder 19-Jun-20
Dale06 19-Jun-20
Bowboy 19-Jun-20
JSW 19-Jun-20
deerslayer 19-Jun-20
splitlimb13 19-Jun-20
Bou'bound 19-Jun-20
Ron Niziolek 19-Jun-20
Z Barebow 19-Jun-20
midwest 19-Jun-20
ElkNut1 19-Jun-20
Paul@thefort 19-Jun-20
Brotsky 19-Jun-20
Treeline 19-Jun-20
Errorhead 19-Jun-20
huntnmuleys 19-Jun-20
MQ1 19-Jun-20
Medicinemann 19-Jun-20
Bake 19-Jun-20
fubar racin 19-Jun-20
elkmtngear 19-Jun-20
ground hunter 19-Jun-20
Hank_S 19-Jun-20
wyobullshooter 19-Jun-20
LUNG$HOT 19-Jun-20
Hank_S 19-Jun-20
Trophyhill 19-Jun-20
Whocares 19-Jun-20
Jaquomo 19-Jun-20
Whocares 19-Jun-20
Deertick 20-Jun-20
Beendare 20-Jun-20
Inshart 20-Jun-20
elknailer 20-Jun-20
Meat Grinder 20-Jun-20
YZF-88 20-Jun-20
From: Ucsdryder
By now most of us know where we’re heading this year. So how are you going to kill your elk? Tree stand on a trail? Ground blind over a water hole? Spot and stalk? Bugle?

I love bugling bulls. I have no patience or desire to sit and wait. I’ll pass up 10 bulls to get to a bull that’ll thrash a tree and come in snarling.

From: Dale06
It depends on the situation. Three of us on a guided hunt in mid Sept in NM. Its mostly a bugle and stalk type of hunt. But I’ve told the guides that I’m wide open and sure would set by waterholes, if prospects are good. And I’ll set in tree stands, what ever it takes.

From: Bowboy
Depends on the situation. It'll be most likely spot and stalk.

From: JSW
The bull will call me in.

From: deerslayer
^^^ This

From: splitlimb13
With my bow..;)

From: Bou'bound
You left out this option In Washington state.

All fully guided hunts take place exclusively on private land. Olympic Mountain Outfitters leases prime private properties all across Washington State. Our hunting properties have food plots that we groom on a regular basis so that the vegetation is fresh green growth which the animals can’t resist.

We start baiting the food plots early in the summer. Each stand location will see thousands of pounds of apples to insure shot opportunities for our hunters later in the year. Our deer hunters have enjoyed a nearly 100% shot opportunity for the past 5 years. The elk and deer will devour upwards of 250 thousand pounds of Washington’s famous apples per season giving our hunters a success rate they have come back for year after year!

The area we hunt has the fastest growing Elk population in Washington. Habitat enhancement has improved our shot success to over 85%. Even the unlucky 15% raved about our camp site, food, and the hunting experience. Click on the species of your choice below for details on these first class high success hunts.

From: Ron Niziolek
Whatever it takes, but most likely spot and stalk.

From: Z Barebow
With my bow and an arrow tipped with a razor sharp broadhead. He will taste the same no matter what hunting method. GREATTT!

From: midwest
Whatever it takes. I suck at killing elk so won't be picky and plan to be a lot more aggressive.

From: ElkNut1
Call him in or nothing! (grin) For me that's hunting the rut! If I wanted to ambush or spot & stalk with little to no calling I'd hunt Nov. forward! I know there's many ways to hunt elk but the gratification & adrenaline rush I receive is why I'm out there & 2nd to none!

I've taken a couple of bulls in spot & stalk fashion, when done I feel like I let myself down, weird I know but it's true, go figure!


From: Paul@thefort
Tree stand at first using my Great Plains recurve bow. My bucket list for sure, bull elk with the stick.

From: Brotsky
What if I only have a cow tag? :) Spot and stalk.

From: Treeline
Don’t have a tag yet...

Depends on if I can get a decent tag or not. Might just skip it if the only option is OTC.

If I do elk’n this year, it most likely will either be spot & stalk or let him call me...

From: Errorhead
Like most of my hunts, in my dreams!

From: huntnmuleys
Spot and stalk, Calling, or maybe an ambush from the ground. I go into all of my elk hunts pretty open minded, just take the situation as it is presented to me. calling is a lot of fun, and I’ve had really good luck calling in big bulls. But when they are really going nuts, just staying with the Heard and shadowing them and watching and trying to make a move to get in range of the big guy is just so damn much fun too LOL..

From: MQ1
Any way that works.

From: Medicinemann
Hopefully, by severing his aorta with a sharp broadhead.....

From: Bake
I'm gonna shoot one out of a treestand in CO over a wallow. Then I'm gonna shoot one on the stalk in WY.

Confidence kills :)

From: fubar racin
Doing deer above timberline with my bow this year so both my elk tags will be with the 300 Weatherby

From: elkmtngear
My partner and I killed two bulls in one Day last running and gunning, and one by tree stand. You just never know...

Spot and stalk nice fat cow

From: Hank_S
Whatever it him in or spot and stalk.

If it’s in the morning, I’ll kill him from the ground. If I kill him in the evening, it’ll be from my treestand.

I’m going full primitive. Gonna jump on him out of a tree and apply a rear naked choke!

From: Hank_S
"I’m going full primitive. Gonna jump on him out of a tree and apply a rear naked choke!"

Hahaha...please post a video!!!

From: Trophyhill
I will do many things in September. In the end, I'll call, he'll come, and I'll kill him ;)

From: Whocares
Oh come on, Tavis, you know the country well enough to find some fun spots OTC! What ya gona do, sit home on the deck while we're out having fun?

From: Jaquomo
Every one I've killed has been different. I don't expect that to change this year.

From: Whocares
Hope I can kill one. With the season date changes I only get one day to hunt then have to be at the ranch Wednesday for the first group of hunters. I get each Tuesday off. Maybe Jaq will give me one of his honey holes.

From: Deertick
Lots of wildcards in that question ... but I’m feeling excited with a LE draw this year. Scouting this weekend. With broken up time I can say “Solo” is the answer to the question.

From: Beendare
I will let the conditions dictate my strategy.....

From: Inshart
Hopefully by "deflating" both his/her lungs with a some sharp steel!

Typically spot and talk or I sneak in on a bull that is bugling or making some sounds on his own. I call less each year, but bugling one in occasionally is pretty fun when it works out.

From: elknailer
ambush, and run a 600gr surewood with a 125 griz through his boiler room at 12 yds.

From: Meat Grinder
If I don't start planning when to use the Colorado preference points I've built up, my bull will be killed by old

From: YZF-88
Call and stalk works best in the heavily hunted areas I go.

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