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Wyoming Unit 64
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huntinelk 20-Jun-20
Jims 21-Jun-20
From: huntinelk
A friend and I cashed in our stack of WY antelope points this year and drew unit 64. I have the basics of the unit from the research that I did before applying. I've been away from home traveling since the draw results came out, so I haven't been able to dig deeper yet. Curious if anyone has experience in the unit in the last few years and willing to share their experience. We are planning on going out roughly the last week of Aug.



From: Jims
I drew 64 a few years ago. I rifle hunted and covered a large chunk of the unit. The south end of the unit is quite a bit different than the north end. The south is relatively flat with very little water. If you find water you will likely find higher concentrations of antelope. I'm not sure how tough the winter was in 64? I saw more deep snow close to Rawlins than I've seen for years. It was also super cold and was present for several months. Hopefully the antelope in 64 wandered and didn't get trapped in areas with deep snow. 64 has few hunters and lots of country. Historically it produces some real wall hangers. The year I drew was after a couple super drought years. I saw around 700+ bucks of which almost all of them were in the 11 to 12" range. I actually saw bigger bucks in units that can be drawn 2nd choice that particular year. There are quite a few factors for producing whoppers in any given year. Unfortunately I drew in a year with poor horns! I got the biggest buck I could find that was just over 80". Good luck and have fun!

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