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Best Luggage to take bow in
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bighorn 21-Jun-20
Kurt 21-Jun-20
sticksender 21-Jun-20
Matt 21-Jun-20
'Ike' (Phone) 22-Jun-20
elkstabber 24-Jun-20
Dale06 24-Jun-20
Stekewood 24-Jun-20
Blue 24-Jun-20
kota-man 24-Jun-20
CurveBow 25-Jun-20
From: bighorn
What is the best luggage to carry a bow in.

From: Kurt
I put my 35" Prime and a spare Mathews in a Prime soft case, which goes inside my Cabelas Ripcord XL rolling duffle that is about 2-1/2 yrs old along with my pack, boots, and most of my clothes, sleeping bag, etc. I load it to 49#s or so. The bow is well protected by clothes and the bag rolls well....but is no longer sold by Cabelas the last I looked. All optics and electronics are carried on.

From: sticksender
Badlands Terraglide rolling duffle works well for compound bows that measure less than about 36" overall length. They stopped making the duffle for a couple years but I see they're now available again. I like the non-camo model for travel since you don't flag yourself as a hunter.

From: Matt
Best for?

Badlands also...

From: elkstabber
Check out the Everest 40, which is specifically made for flying compound bows.

From: Dale06
If you are t asking about flying with bows, I’ve used a SKB case for many plane trips. It’s been flawless.

From: Stekewood
Sitka Nomad for me.

From: Blue
second Dale06

From: kota-man
The Badlands is "pusing it" for even a 34" a to a bow with today's cams. With that said, it is what I use for my travels with a 33" bow. The Nomad is also good and a bit bigger.

From: CurveBow
When I used to fly West, I used a hard sided golf bag. Padded it with clothing, loaded to just shy of the weight limit. A plus was that they came out at the airport much quicker it seemed! They were long so they came out in Denver on a carousel for long items like skis and other bags that actually had golf clubs! :)

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