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Idaho Elk hunt down the drain.
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From: Inshart
My son and I were planning our first elk hunt together in Idaho this year.

Talked to him yesterday (he's active military) and due to the COVID-19 he was told that he would not be doing any traveling (nothing over night and not over 200 miles from base - Florida) through December.

I've been dealing with a herniated L-3 & L-4 for about a year now, then couple weeks ago I ruptured the L-3 disc in my back.

We purchased our elk tags in March. I'm going to email Idaho today and find out what our options are. My son already sent them an email and is still waiting to hear back.

Anyone out there have any idea as to whether or not we will get our money back?

Thanks for any input, Bob

From: SBH
Thats a bummer Bob. Sorry to hear.

I don't know what Idaho's policy is but I was under the understanding the tags are sold out. I would hope they would let you return them and get them to someone who is able to use them. Let us know how it goes.

From: midwest
Man, that sucks. Thank your son for his service.

Welcome to 2020. :-(

From: KSflatlander

KSflatlander's Link
Idaho has been offering refunds for at least a month now. Note that refunds are prorated so you might want to make sure you send the refund form before July 1. See link.

From: Jasper
Bob, first off thanks to your son for his service! And prayers for you for complete healing! I’ll bet there’s a way out for you, especially with the Covid year. God bless my friend

From: YZF-88
Call them. They are really good about this stuff. I got a refund last year due to injury.

From: Scoot
This stinks! I hope you heal up fast and thank you to your son for his service.

From: Inshart
Thanks everyone for the kind words.

KS - thanks for the link.

From: KSflatlander
No problem. I wish you and you son the best of luck in 2021! Very much appreciate your sons service.

From: SteveB
That really stinks. God bless you both!

From: ElkNut1
Bob, damn, true bummer sir! A Salute to your Son for his service, it's not overlooked, we all truly appreciate it!


From: JB
That sucks Bob! Hope you get a refund and can try again. Thanks to your son for his service!

From: t-roy
Sorry to hear that, Bob! Back issues definitely suck! Hopefully you get healed up quickly and get your tag fees refunded. Also, thank your son for his service!

Dang it Bob!

For sure call and see what they can do for you guys.

Keep us posted,


From: LKH
Served 4 years of my Navy career in Idaho. It's a very pro military state and I would be more that a little shocked if they don't do right by him. And you.

From: Inshart
I called and talked to a very nice gal at Idaho Game and Fish.

Sounds like my son will get his money refunded. I'm NOT totally disabled so sounds like I wont be able to get a refund ----- that's fine --- I talked to my oldest brother and he is stoked to go out with me (if I go??).

Like one of the good guys on here stated ..... I'll just "embrace the suck", walk slow and carry out light loads (fingers crossed). I was able to walk 2 miles today and even took 2 trips up and down a steep (Minnesota standards) hill.

I'm swamped in September or I would jump up and help ya out Bob!

Keep the faith,


From: Inshart
Thanks Robb, appreciate the offer. I started PT yesterday and go in for a series of 8 spinal injections Tuesday and hopefully find out what the next step will be for the ruptured disc.

Anyone on here ever have a ruptured disc? what was the process?

Thanks, Bob

From: grossklw
Survive the pain until your body re-absorbs the tissue. Hopefully it's not affecting motor function and you don't end up under the knife. Spinal surgeries in general are scary stuff and the outcomes are significantly more "iffy" than outcomes following most other orthopedic surgeries such as a joint replacement. Get with a good PT and make sure you stay as active as you can tolerate, sitting and resting may feel good in the short term but it's a bad idea to get stuck in a habit of inactivity, it will increase disability levels long term. Any questions don't hesitate to PM me.

From: LuckyLeo
Me and my son are looking for tags if they would let you and your son transfer them we would do that. Just let me know. Thanks Leo

From: Mr.C
bummer I know how ya feel , but I always say everything happens for a reason and some time those reasons are unknown forever ,,thank your son for me and heal up

From: Shiras42
Bob, everyone is different with they way their back behaves. I can put as much weight as I can handle on my hips and back without causing anymore pain than usual. Put the weight on the front and it kills me. That even means the extra weight of binos on a harness on the front. Still waiting for someone to come out with a good waist bino/range finder system.

Hope your recovery goes well and good luck.

From: Amicus
I have heard that you can sell or transfer tag to some one else.

From: YZF-88
Amicus: They changed the way tags are allocated for capped and general zones. Last year it was easy. This year not so much. It goes into a pool for first come, first serve every other Thursday. I drew a good rifle elk tag this year and am considering transferring it to my youngest kid. That process hasn't changed.

"General season tags cannot be transferred to a family member. IDFG does have a rule that allows any resident adult person who possesses a controlled hunt tag to designate his or her tag to his or her resident minor child or grandchild who is qualified to participate in the hunt"

From: Inshart
Thanks everyone. Couple days ago my son called and said it sounds like the "Brass" might loosen the restrictions. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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