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Covid test 72 hrs before take off
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From: Pvdesert
What are the best options for getting into Alaska for fall 2020 hunting season with the new Covid regs? I understand there are some at home test kits that promise 48hr turn around time. What are the best options if you want to avoid quarantine?

From: Moosemania
It depends on where you live. I have a test already scheduled for 2 days before I leave in September. Hopefully I have results before I takeoff. Then again I'm sure the rules will change before then anyways.

I’m planning on also testing two or three days before takeoff. Also build time in when you get there to test at the airport if necessary. I’ve heard results in Anchorage are taking a few days but maybe less in Fairbanks, for what it’s worth.

From: Rickm
Fyi, don't count on a 3 day turnaround. BiLaw had surgery yesterday and they tested him on Friday. Results were not ready.

I would want more time.

From: splitlimb13
I wouldn't count on a three day turn around. My apprentice and I got sick last Tuesday, new protocol at work ,so we both got tested and still have no results.

The law says you need your results within 72 hours of flying to Alaska to be free to roam when you land. That’s why the 72 hour goal.

From: sticksender
If not you can quarantine in camp.

From: MathewsMan
Test within 72 hours and be sure they provide you with a voucher as you need to be tested here within 5 days again. If you just show up your looking at 2 days at arrivals. My son is coming up July 1st so should see how it really goes shortly.

I just got tested last week and it took 6 days for the results. (neg) But other guys took 4 days and some 8. Its very inconsistent because so many tests are being done. Make sure you take the nose or throat swab and not the quick test. Quick test is only 90% and we had a guy results were wrong. Good Luck

From: muskeg

muskeg 's Link
this link (or the links within) will answer all your questions ... some travelers have waited for the Alaska test upon arrival and have tested positive ... In that case you will be required to quarantine and will not be able to travel again until you are cleared by the Health Dept.

You just need to shop. I live on the edge of the world above the Arctic Circle and I can test you and give you results in a couple hours at most. It all depends on who's doing the testing.

Along these same lines of testing. Would you take the same test if 4 buddies were driving across country for an elk hunt? I mean if 1 has it probably after 36 hours in a truck someone else would have it. Just curious or are you only testing if it is mandated by the gov't.

From: elknailer
I was tested and had the results the next day. From sw Michigan.

From: jerrynocam
Yes, I’m in sw Michigan also and was required to get tested before the surgery I had yesterday. The hospital required I get the test 2-4 days before. I got the nose swab test results in 24 hours. Also I was required to self-quarantine after the test until my surgery.

From: mountainman
I got tested on Saturday here in TN. Just because I am going to be around my parents this coming weekend. Still waiting on results.

We plan to fly to Alaska next Wednesday. We have a rapid test appt for next Monday.


Stick & String's Link
Muskeg, so you have to get another test within 7-14 days after you arrive in AK?

From: MathewsMan
7-10 days Matt

Looks like the Cooper’s Landing brewery is not going to be open to the public, still planning to have Coopers birthday party there on his birthday

From: GMC Trucks
Pixel by labCorp has aN at home test kit that seems to fit the bill for the 72 hr goal. I have watched a you tube video on it and I think it may be a good option? Seems like a way to get the results back by the 72 hour time frame Alaska is looking for. Results sent to your email

From: Bowfreak
I can't believe it's taking that long for results. In my area of KY we are typically behind on everything and people are getting next day results as the norm.

From: Scooby-doo
I get tested twice a week, tuesday and friday. I have my results in 20 minutes and the accuraccy is as good as the longer timed tests. Shawn

From: Lost Arra
Shawn: how do you confirm the "accuracy" of a test? A manufacturer's specs for sensitivity and specificity are determined under ideal conditions which rarely exist in the real world. I would imagine the tests have gotten better with time and the pcr tests are highly specific so a positive result is almost always accurate while a negative result has more variables. I don't think pcr tests take very long but the number of samples and staffing of techs can affect how fast you get results. Again, more real world stuff.

I just returned from Alaska and had my 72 hour results in hand, signed a travel declaration and zipped right thru the line. I did not get a second test on day 7 but left on day 8. They seemed to be more concerned with folks arriving with a negative test or staying in quarantine until you got a negative test result.

From: Beendare
So what if you test positive? Getting refunded a sheep hunt on short notice?

FWIW, most testing is pretty fast these days but if you know anything about these tests; you are at the mercy of the person doing the testing.

My wife a nurse for Kaiser does a lot of testing [including in the SNF that had all of the elderly patients die here in our County] I doubt anyone is going to jam that swab in on themselves as far as required for accurate test results.

From: Kevin Dill
I would think a positive test result (and no hunting as a result) basically absolves an outfitter or other party of any responsibility or obligation toward the hunter....especially in a last-minute scenario. Unfortunate, but possible it happens. The contract wording and outfitter's decision are the keys in something like this.

From: Whip
I checked with my previous doctor's office and they only test for people suspected of having the virus. The county testing site will do it for anyone that wants it but says 3-5 business day turnaround for results, and off you want a written copy you need to submit a separate form to request them. But am in the process of switching doctor's anyway because of an insurance change and the new doctor does testing at the office and currently is getting results back in 4-8 hours. I should be good. If your current provider can't accommodate you, shop around.

I found someone to test me on 7/17. Flight up is on 7/20 for an 8/1 Muskox Hunt. I will stay in Anchorage for a few days and then fly to Bethel on 7/23 and retest there. It’ll take up to 5 business days to get those results back at which point I can fly to Mekoryuk. So, in a nutshell, arrive in Alaska 11 days before my hunt in order to Jump through all the hoops. At least I should then be good for 8/10 sheep hunt.

Shawn why would they continue to test you if you have antibodies from exposure

From: Shawn
First off I work in a nursing home, does not matter anti bodies or not the state requires all of us to be tested 2 times a week. Second our testing is done in a "clean room" on site and had the latest equipment run by the tech types to get results in 15 minutes and 55 seconds. Lastly there are more than a few people nation wide who have tested positive than tested again to show they have the anti-bodies than several weeks later test positive for the virus again. They say 80-85% accuracy on our tests but I am not to confident in that. I have been tested 5 times in the last 7 days as I had lunch with a nurse who tested positive the Tuesday before last so 8 days ago. They are not screwing around in our facility as we lost 31 residents in the last 7 weeks. Shawn

From: Will
Depends a lot on where you are. My wifes practice saw a solid uptick in duration for results (here in the North East). She inquired. The response was essentially that some labs are taking overflow from other parts of the country who are out of capacity, thus things are slowing down.

That said, some "minute clinic" type places offer the fast testing for asymptomatic folks. Lots of folks here are doing that to hope they can go to vacation's in Maine they have planned for a long time.

I got my test Monday and had test results Wednesday AM. Flew in to Anchorage Wednesday evening.

There's an option on the form for "I got my tests within 72 hours of leaving, but the results are still pending."

But they want you to go somewhere and quarantine till the results come in. I imagine that could be the bush.

They use a website now and the paper forms are irrelevant. When you get off the plane, rush to get in line and fill it out while you wait.

You can start filling it out as soon as you land I imagine.

The web address is and once you sign it and save it, there's one of those bar code boxes at the top that they want to scan, then you're free to go.

They want some proof that you were negative, whether it be an email on your phone or a piece of paper. It has to have your name, a date, and the word "NEGATIVE."

From: Camcudde
Go get tested now. Get your results in a PDF and the dates are yours to adjust.... but that would be wrong. I am leaving for AK in a month.

From: BW
Wow even on here everyone is talking about this crap. Can’t escape it I guess. Is anyone else sick of hearing about??

From: Pvdesert
Just heard back from Official Covid 19 Alaska Travel Specialist who told me that you can quarantine in the bush. Take a test when you get to airport then list the guides address as your quarantine location and head to the hills! Number to call is 907-646-3322 if you want to find out for yourself.

From: Moosemania
Wow that is great news! I may look into that.

Great update Ike.

From: Dogman
What if you are doing an unguided black bear or moose hunt? Does the gestapo allow you to do that or do you need to have someone who lives up there become your guardian?

From: willliamtell
Got tested a month and a half ago. 5 day turnaround

From: Thornton

Thornton's embedded Photo
Thornton's embedded Photo
The tests aren't accurate and never have been. We see patients all the time that are symptomatic and test negative

I received my results back a few hours ago from my test this morning. Flight to Anchorage is early Monday AM. I’ll post if things don’t go as smoothly as I hope they will. Good luck to everyone else headed up for their hunts.

From: Dogman
Good luck. Tell the Gestapo I will be coming up to crush reds on the Kenai next weekend.

From: Chief 419
I took a Covid PCR test 2 days ago for work reasons. I was the third guy to get tested. When I saw the first guy's reaction, I became nervous. When the second guy had his test done, I became traumatized. When It came to my turn, I was already crying. They jam an approx. 5 inch abrasive swap deep into your nostril. You're eyes will water.


MQQSE's embedded Photo
MQQSE's embedded Photo
Here was my pic 2 minutes after she jammed those swabs up both nostrils and gave each a nice twirl for good measure.

Yeah. If they’re doing it right, it’s no fun. I just got my 5th test since this all began.

I landed a few hours ago. If you do what Ike said above and do your form online you will get through in minutes. I filled mine out two days ago since I already had my Covid test results. Once you fill out the form and submit it, you will receive an email with a barcode. Bring that as well as your negative results and you will be on your way.

I believe either paper copies or phone screen shots (which I had) both work.

From: Treeline
So, would a positive antibody test count?

If you already had it, can’t get it again and can’t pass it on right?

Would think that if you have already had it, logic would say you wouldn’t need to do the swab over and over.

From: JayZ
I don't think there is any definitive proof you can't get it a second time. In fact I believe one of the teachers at my daughters daycare has it again.

From: JDM
A positive antibody test will NOT count. It has to be a molecular based test for Covid 19.

From: RutnStrut
"I took a Covid PCR test 2 days ago for work reasons. I was the third guy to get tested. When I saw the first guy's reaction, I became nervous. When the second guy had his test done, I became traumatized. When It came to my turn, I was already crying. They jam an approx. 5 inch abrasive swap deep into your nostril. You're eyes will water."

It's like they are raping your soul through your nose. I had one last week for work, it came back negative. I hope I never have to feel my inner being be scraped again.

From: nchunter
In NC Novant will do a test while you sit in your car and you have the results back in 20 minutes. I did it yesterday. My company made me do it since I was exposed to a covid positive person a week ago.

From: Z Barebow
I had nasal test today. (Coworker positives) I had not looked at this thread or researched it But I heard it sucked.

Not something I would request, but it wasn’t the end of the world. As I watched her spin that thing in, I could not believe how deep she went. A bad tickle deep in the nasal cavity and my eyes watered 5 minutes later I was no worse for the wear. Done in my vehicle.

From: Shrewski
So if this virus is SO contagious we have to wear masks to keep it from spreading, why do they have to go 5” up your nose to get a sample?

From: Gadjet
So if this virus is SO contagious we have to wear masks to keep it from spreading, why do they have to go 5” up your nose to get a sample? GOOD DAMN QUESTION!!

From: Russell
The home Labcorp test uses a normal looking q-tip and instructs you to sample just inside each nostril, not tickle you tonsils with it.

From: Russell

From: Dogman
Just got back from the Last Frontier. Walked right past the Gestapo loading sheep into the chute and went straight to baggage claim without talking to anyone. Grabbed my stuff and rolled to the Kenai. What a joke. The airport is something you couldn’t envision if you have ever landed at Ted Stevens in late July. The place is empty. An occasional plane arriving or departing. One restaurant open. Glacier Brewhouse downtown Saturday night-8 open tables next to us. Walk right into a place that used to be a 3 hour wait. Parking everywhere downtown. Total ghost town. The cure is worse than the disease.

Here's the latest AK state mandate:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Clinton Bennett, DHSS, 907-269-4996, [email protected] Alaska's new travel protocols will conserve resources, increase testing for Alaskans and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 August 6, 2020 ANCHORAGE— Revised State of Alaska travel protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and conserve testing resources will take effect next Tuesday, August 11 at 12:01 a.m. The revised State of Alaska Health Mandate 10 and a FAQ will be posted online later today at The mandate applies to all travelers arriving into Alaska, no matter how they enter the state. Children under 11 will continue to be exempt from testing requirements. The most significant revision to the mandate is that nonresident travelers may no longer obtain a COVID-19 test for free upon arrival into Alaska at the state’s airport testing sites. Nonresidents will also no longer have the option for a 5-day pretest or the option to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving into the state. Instead, nonresidents must now test before traveling to Alaska. They must take a qualifying test 72 hours before they depart and either show proof of a negative result at arrival, or quarantine until results are received and submitted. Nonresident travelers who arrive without proof of the 72 hour pretest will be required to pay $250 per test to be tested at an airport testing site. Testing will continue to be provided at no cost at airport testing sites to Alaska residents traveling into the state. Testing at airport sites will also now be opened up for Alaska residents traveling within the state to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 between Alaska’s communities. Under the revised mandate, both resident and nonresident travelers will also now be required to fill out a three-question self-isolation plan in the Alaska Travel Portal, detailing how they plan to isolate if they test positive for COVID-19 while in Alaska. In addition, the mandate clearly explains how all travelers into the state are required to practice strict social distancing for 14 days after arriving into Alaska, or until a second negative result is obtained from a molecular-based SARS-CoV2 test taken between 7-14 days after arriving into Alaska. “These revisions are intended to prioritize and conserve our resources to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while still allowing travel to occur,” Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Commissioner Adam Crum. “Travel is essential to Alaska’s well-being but by strongly incentivizing testing before travel for nonresidents, we expect to reduce the number of travelers who test positive for COVID-19 after arriving into our state. This will allow us to direct resources to where they are needed most, and will also allow us to offer testing for intrastate travelers to help protect our rural communities.” For all travelers (resident and nonresident): • Complete a Travel Declaration Form and Self-Isolation Plan in the Alaska Travel Portal. • All travelers with negative results must still follow strict social distancing for 14 days after arriving into the state or until the traveler receives a second negative test result from a test taken 7-14 days after arrival. • The five-day pretest option is no longer available for any travelers. For nonresident travelers: • Test 72 hours before departure. o Upload negative result into the Alaska Travel Portal or have results available to show screeners at the airport. o If still awaiting results by arrival time, travelers will need to upload proof of a test taken into the Alaska Travel Portal or show that proof of a test taken to an airport screener and self-quarantine, at their own expense, while waiting for results. The results must be uploaded into the portal when received. • If a nonresident arrives without a pre-test, testing is available for $250 per test. The traveler will be required to quarantine while waiting on results. • The 14-day quarantine option is no longer available for nonresident travelers. For Alaska resident travelers: • Test 72 hours prior to departure, with the same rules as listed for nonresidents. o Testing at arrival remains available at no cost to Alaska residents. • The 14-day quarantine option is still available to Alaska residents. • Alaska residents traveling within the state will now have the option of free testing at the airport sites, to prevent bringing the virus into our small communities. • Proof of Alaska residency can be shown with one of the following: o Alaska driver’s license or state issued ID card. o Federally recognized Alaska Tribal identification card. o Active duty military ID card or active duty dependent ID card. o Employment verification letter on employer letterhead or school verification letter for in-person schooling stating traveler is moving to Alaska for employment or school. For critical infrastructure employees: • Travel that is deemed essential or for critical infrastructure, as previously defined in Health Mandate 10, will continue as it has under existing guidance. • Critical infrastructure workers traveling to Alaska will no longer be able to use state-funded testing at airports. • Critical infrastructure companies and organizations will be asked to provide employees with a letter on company letterhead that states they are a critical infrastructure worker traveling for work purposes. These letters must include travel plans and confirm that the traveler is following the employer’s Community Workforce Protect Plan on file with the state that includes testing and/or quarantine provisions. More information will be posted at as soon as it becomes available. You can preview the new Alaska Travel Portal at ### • DHSS_PressRelease_Travel_20200806.pdf ________________________________________ STAY CONNECTED: This service is provided to you at no charge by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services. ________________________________________ This email was sent to [email protected] using GovDelivery 707 17th St, Suite 4000 · Denver, CO 80202 · 1-800-439-1420

From: leo17
Has anyone took a rapid test and used it as proOf for entry ?

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