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Slider sights
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Ucsdryder 23-Jun-20
Native Okie 23-Jun-20
midwest 24-Jun-20
Brotsky 24-Jun-20
Rut Nut 24-Jun-20
ground hunter 24-Jun-20
Bowfreak 24-Jun-20
From: Ucsdryder
I went down the rabbit hole a little with slider sights. I picked up a single pin cbe engage, a 3 pin cbe engage and I have been shooting a double pin hogg father for a couple years.

Sight picture: you just can’t beat the single vertical pin. There’s no clutter and it really helps you see a broadside animal. Winner: hogg father

Brightness: All of the sights have .10 pins. The cbe jump out at you! Man they are bright. I wouldn’t call the hogg father dim, but it’s hard to beat the brightness of the cbe.

Weight: If you run out of arrows and you need to dispatch an animal, the hogg father can be removed from the bow and used as a club. Winner: cbe

Durability: It’s hard to judge durability, but I know the hogg father is bullet proof. I’ve dropped it on the sight straight on the pavement with no damage. The added weight has to give you added strength. Winner: hogg father

Functionality: The cbe looks cool! It has knobs and levers all over the place. The micro adjustability is there for both sights. One thing I never liked about the hogg father is when you engage the “lock” on the lever below the wheel, there is an audible click. You can shoot without it engaged but it’ll move AFTER the shot. Meaning, a follow up shot would need to have the yardage confirmed. Winner: cbe

Hunting usage: Personal preference of course, but having the cbe 3 pin sighted in at 30/40/50 yards allows me to hunt elk without moving the sight until I get to around 55 yards. I’m 4” high at 18 yards using my 30 yard pin. With the spot hogg I set it at 30 and my second pin was 43 yards. At this point it might be picking fly crap out of chili. Winner: cbe

All in all, I’m impressed with both sights. The single pin cbe would make a killer 3d rig or a hunting rig. I ran a single pin for a long time set at 30 yards. I really like the sight picture on the hogg father double pin. I’m undecided which way I’m going to go this year. It’ll be hard to give up the hogg father.

If anybody is looking for a quality slider sight, shoot me a PM, I’ll need to start selling some of these!

From: Native Okie
Thx for the review. 3 pin sliders are hard to beat. MBG user myself.

From: midwest
Ditto Native Okie. Nice review!

From: Brotsky
X3 MBG, just upgraded to the Mountain Lite this summer. Unbelievable sight so far. Dual dial is going to be a game changer in the field.

From: Rut Nut
Well, it may be a great sight, but I just can;t justify spending $300 on a SIGHT! That's what I paid for my bow back in 2004. I'll stick to my single pin adjustable Cobra. Yeah, I'm frugal and a "IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT" kinda guy! ;-)

I use a 3 pin fuse.... at one time, I used the HHa single pin, but once I started chasing mule deer, did not have time for adjustments.... I think everything works well, you just have to find a system, that you like, learn it, know it, etc, and your all set,,,,, There is no perfect sight,,,,,,,,

From: Bowfreak
I've owned top of the line sights by Tru ball, MBG and Spot Hogg. All of them are great but my favorite of all is the double pin Tommy Hogg. For elk, I set the dial on 30 yards and I can easily cover to 45 yards without moving my sight. For whitetails I set it on 25 and have shot 7-8 deer with it and I've never moved it or used the second pin.

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