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Free drop away
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KsRancher 23-Jun-20
Isaiah 24-Jun-20
Jasper 24-Jun-20
KsRancher 24-Jun-20
ground hunter 24-Jun-20
Boatman71 25-Jun-20
Shawn 25-Jun-20
From: KsRancher
I just bought me a new bow (new to me anyway). It has a "vapor trail micro elite" drop away rest on it. I am taking it off to put on my WB. Will give it to someone if they would like it

From: Isaiah
I would love it. I’m having trouble with my whisker biscuit on my Matthews Z3. I’ve spent to much money getting arrows and broadheads. They told me it was my rest and I can’t afford a drop away rest. I live here in Colorado. Would you ship?

From: Jasper
Very nice gesture Rusty!

From: KsRancher
Isaiah, it's yours. PM me your address. I did have a PM from another person. But I seen yours first. Sorry to the person that that sent the PM

I had a WB at one time, gave it to the 4h kids

From: Boatman71
That is a GREAT rest and an even better gesture!!! I use that rest on my 3D target bow!!!

From: Shawn
Nice! Shawn

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