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Help with Bow Giveaway
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Jasper 24-Jun-20
JohnMC 24-Jun-20
From: Jasper
I haven’t received the response I did last year on the bow giveaway, still in need of some potential recipients. Last year was perfect as I found 2 Bowsiter’s who were mentors to the young men who got the bows. There was one guy who got in touch with me but I had already promised the bows, wish I could find him as he knew of several good candidates. He was I believe a national archery or bowhunting instructor who was involved with a bunch of young people.....may have been from Wyoming??? (See BOW GIVEAWAY #2 in this forum if you haven’t seen it) Thanks!

From: JohnMC
Jasper you might check in your area to see if they have a 4-h archery program and see if one of the leaders know a good candidate.

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