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From: koobhmoov
I'm in need of non resident general elk tag in Idaho for 2020. We can exchange on IDFG website and I am willing to pay any return or processing fees you may have. Tried buying one back in April but Covid wouldn't let me and tried last week but sportmans system was screwing up. Thanks

From: Basinboy

From: Inshart
Not sure how it works, or what unit you are talking about...... but my son is turning his back in - Military told him he can not go due to Covid. I've injured my back and most likely wont be able to go either, but according to the Idaho G & F, I don't qualify to get a refund.

From: Ucsdryder
If they start to allow transferring tags that’s a slippery slope!!!! Buy a tag, wait for them to sell out, jack up price and sell to highest bidder.

From: chukarchump
No transferring tags and as your a resident of Idaho, you would not be allowed to purchase one until Aug 1 just like everyone else if they were still available. Trying to work around the system isn't going to work.

From: 3dvapor
you used to be able to transfer tags but i think it has ended now.

From: YZF-88
Yes now they go back into one pool for shit show Thursday on the website. Last year it was very easy to transfer a tag to someone else. Just a little paperwork. I actually just mailed my tag back so it’ll go into a pool and be posted for next Thursday.

From: KHNC
Save your money! 90% chance you wont punch it in Idaho anyway. Buy a LO tag in NM instead.

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