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WY Unit 25/27 Info...
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coelker 24-Jun-20
WYelkhunter 25-Jun-20
Firsty 25-Jun-20
coelker 27-Jun-20
elkocd 04-Jul-20
From: coelker
Just checking if anyone around here has had this tag. It is nearly impossible to get any info on the units. I have been scouting a bunch, but not everyone is really tight lipped on this unit.

Let me know if your willing to share...

From: WYelkhunter
what parts of the area are you looking at hunting in? We own property in 25. These areas are tough to hunt elk in especially for archery. There is a lot of private property in both areas. The elk that are in 25 are pretty much strictly on private property during archery season. There are good elk In 27 but you need mapping software or good maps that show private property.

From: Firsty
I would have definitely used my points elsewhere ,but hows the scouting been going?

From: coelker
And where exactly would you have went? So far I am finding a lot of elk but only a couple over 300...

From: elkocd
If you find a bull over 300" then you'll do better than 99% of the guys with that tag. I've hunted it a couple time. Was ok when it was a 2 point unit. Not worth even close to what it takes now. We went general this year instead to hunt some bigger bulls.

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